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Online Braces Guide - Information about Braces, Invisalign, Cost, Price, Colors and Types - Orthodontist provides valuable information about braces and Invisalign including cost, colors, pain, soreness, relief, how braces work, how to choose an orthodontist, and how teeth move.

  • http://www.bracesguide.com/bracesbasic/index.html Braces 101: The Basics of Braces - Information about what braces are and how they work to align and straighten teeth
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/afterbraces/index.html After Braces are Removed - Information about what to expect after the braces are removed, Importance of retainers and retention
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/about.html About the Online Braces Guide Contributors - The contributors to this website are experienced orthodontists who teach at the University of Minnesota and have a private orthodontic specialty practice.
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/duringbraces During Braces: The Treatment Process - The braces treatment process including records, treatment plan, risks, separators, placing and removing braces, and retainers
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/financial Financial Considerations of Braces: Cost and Value - Information about the cost and price of braces, Payment plans, and Insurance for braces
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/financial/cost-and-price-of-braces.html The Cost and Price of Braces - The cost and price of braces can be quite variable and depends on many different factors. Average price and cost of braces is discussed, but a more accurate estimate can be provided after examination by an orthodontist.
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/bracesbasic/what-are-braces.html What are Braces? - Explanation of what braces are and what they look like. Description of a bracket, band, and the parts of the braces.
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/bracesbasic/what-are-clear-braces.html Clear Braces - Explain what clear braces are and how they work. Also discuss potential concerns and how they can be an option instead of metal braces or Invisalign.
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/bracesbasic/how-do-teeth-move.html How teeth move with braces - Explanation of how teeth move with braces, also explain how long it takes to move teeth and why orthodontic adjustment appointments are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • http://www.bracesguide.com/bracesbasic/what-is-a-malocclusion.html What is a malocclusion? - We describe what a malocclusion is and show various examples of problems with alignment of the teeth and a bite that is off.

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  • Nadia - Good product

    My brother fell and broke his ankle 4 weeks before his wedding. I'd have to say if it weren't for this product he would not have enjoyed himself 1/2 as much as he did. Only thing is after dancing all night in it like 5-6 hours it takes a toll on the knee. Next few days the knee hurts like hell. But overall if you have something you have to do that you really need to walk for buy it, if not you should use the crutches alone. It's not really too good for everyday all day use.....too hard on the knees. Going out to dinner, dancing, walking down the isle...ideal but going to work in it, walking around the mall all day....don't make sense. It's really as it says "CRUTCH AID" and a great one at that.

  • Kelvin - It's ok

    It worked well for the most part, when it came to skin and hair . I would say it had a reverse effect, when it came to my joints, it caused swelling and a bit of pain to my knees , once I stoped taking it , the swelling and pain were gone .