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Brookfields Lawyers - Auckland - Wellington - With lawyers in Auckland and Wellington, Brookfields Lawyers is a leading NZ law firm providing legal advice in all principal areas of the law.

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    City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • JK Oregon - Good functionality, not intuitive, insists on doing things its own way!

    While Quicken works nicely as personal finance manager, Quickbooks is nowhere near as well designed or easy to use. And, as other reviewers have pointed out, there is a pervasive feeling that the company wants your information to try to sell you more goods. After a while, you just want to get away from the software. If our accountant did not need the data in Quickbooks format, we would never use this software.

  • Tiny D - Good stuff!

    I take this with Nattokinase so I'm not sure which one did the trick, but I'm going to continue taking both. I've got really bad type 2 diabetes and I've been staying away from sweets/carbs for about half a year. My feet and hands hurt just walking, and for the last month my heart started spasming when I lay down, I think its called arrhythmia. And several times per hour my heart would just beat really really hard, once, like it was having trouble getting something through. Scary stuff, and I can't afford a doctor.

  • Robert E. Yedowitz Sr. - Outstanding product!

    I first saw this product 2 years ago in my local Costco. I stoped, read the label and walked away. In the spring of 2011, I noticed a lot of moss, lichenes and mold growing on the roof of my home. I attributed it to the large amount of snow we had this past winter. Once again while shopping in Costco, I saw a display of the product. This time I purchased it and a couple of weeks later applied it to my roof and to an area of vinyl siding that was covered with algae. I followed the label mixing directions, wore nitrile gloves when applying the product and throughly covered the area being treated.

  • Robert - Nice to have the download version available to install early while waiting for tax forms to release

    I am a 9 year user of TurboTax for Business. The last few years corrected a number of older problems with multi owner LLC K-1 preparation and got rid of the need to do several manual overrides.

  • haganarrett - Great product for the money

    I have an iPhone 7 as well as my whole family. They all love tempered glass and prefer it more than the other products that are out there. I can't stand the plastic screen protectors. It drives me crazy at how much ineffective they are. They virtually do nothing in my opinion. Tempered glass however, does do a lot. It acts not only to maintain the screen quality and beauty of the images, but does a great job in being durable and protective from abrasions and scratches.