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  • http://www.brummeye.com/bruce-h-brumm-m-d.htm Bruce H. Brumm, M.D. | American Board Certified LASIK Surgeon, Ophthalmologist Omaha | Brumm Eye & Laser Vision Omaha, NE - Dr. Brumm and his staff at the Brumm Eye Laser Center look forward to providing you with state of the art laser vision correction.
  • http://www.brummeye.com/matthew-v-brumm-m-d.htm Matthew V. Brumm, M.D. | Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Cataract Surgeon Omaha, NE | Brumm Eye & Laser Vision - Matthew V. Brumm, M.D. is board certified and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • http://www.brummeye.com/gregory-j-bruening-o-d.htm Gregory J. Bruening, O.D. | Family Eye Care, Laser & Refractive Surgery Consultant Omaha, NE | Brumm Eye & Laser Vision - Gregory J. Bruening, O.D.'s specialty areas include:Laser and Refractive surgery consultantOcular DiseasesFamily Eye Care
  • http://www.brummeye.com/robert-j-cleaver-jr-o-d.htm Robert J. Cleaver Jr., O.D. | Family Eye Care, Contact Lens Specialist Omaha, NE | Brumm Eye & Laser Vision - Robert J. Cleaver Jr., O.D's special Interests in eye care include ocular disease, contact lenses and family practice. Visit him at Brumm Eye & Laser Vision
  • http://www.brummeye.com/adam-m-walter-o-d.htm Adam M. Walter, O.D. | Optometrist Omaha, NE | Brumm Eye & Laser Vision - Dr. Walter completed a one-year residency in refractive surgery and ocular disease in Orlando, FL. and is a member of the American Optometric Association.
  • http://www.brummeye.com/kristen-m-brumm-o-d.htm Kristen M. Brumm O.D. | Eye Doctor Omaha, NE | Brumm Eye & Laser Vision - Kristen M. Brumm OD received her B.S. degree in biological sciences from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where she graduated with high distinction.
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  • MayanGoddess - Huge disappointment from a former fan.

    I've had 2 previous Keurig models, and I've given 3 of them as gifts to family and friends. I've been a vocal fan and proponent for years, so I was very excited for the new version, but within an hour of setting it up, I found that I hate this model and will be returning it.

  • Richard Boos, MD - Same crappy software as before - avoid this product

    Given that I haven't been able to download my credit card activity for weeks, I thought this might solve the problem. Sadly it doesn't. It's the same crappy software just updated with new colors and pretty pictures. Intuit forces us to upgrade the 2010 version after 3 years for no reason other than to take more $$$ from it's customers. You can't even register the software without being forced to answer survey questions which then generates all kinds of ads and opportunities for them to try to sell you more of their lousy services - payroll, web design etc. New program still won't download data from citibank and there's no support in their "help" menu about importing the files that citibank makes available.

  • Scott B. Macdonald - This board ate my dog

    The happenings after buying a Oiuja board are indeed evil. The first thing that happened when I opened the box, was a paper-cut. Sure...harmless, right? Hardly. A drop of blood hit the board, and it started snapping open and closed, while a vortex appeared at its center. In a futile attempt to ward off this evil, my terrier attacked the board and was consumed in its spiral-like vortex. Wiggles is gone forever I fear...it has been four months. In addition to this, for some reason, every morning at 7, a Jehovah's Witness appears on my porch with booklets. After she leaves, two lifeless Chinese girls materialize on the porch holding a remote control.

  • Joseph B. - Works great, got 87 channels with it.

    I cancelled my DirecTV two years ago and don’t feel like I am missing out on much, I have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Sling, that combined with streaming from other sources pretty much provides me with all the television I care to watch, however Sling, which is my main source for streaming live TV doesn’t have local channels, and with it being football season I like to watch my Alma Matter play and if its televised on a local network instead of ESPN, Fox Sports or Pac 12 network I can’t watch it so I thought I might try out one of these antennas. I am extremely satisfied with it and I am very surprised with how many channels you can get with one of these things.

  • Cindy Alexandra - The book was really great for my class

    Brand new book. Delivered fast. The book was really great for my class, into to physical anthropology. Definitely recommend this text.

  • S. Harr - Been using it for years

    For twelve years I have been using the Panda Internet Suite. I have never had a problem with viruses taking over my computer. Any intruders were blocked and trojans returned to Greece. Over the years the interface has changed, which has caused some adjustment on my part. Considering all the malicious efforts out there in cyberspace lurking to commandeer information, it is a small adjustment for a big problem. In the past year I switched to the Global Protection in order to meet my needs better. The program has been as reliable as all the past versions.