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  • Bart Mann - Slick and quick.

    Very effective, and should prove economical. Used dry to test, shaved well. Would like to see a more curved handle. It does cut you on the more curved parts of the back/ shoulders. Really to expensive for cost of production. Took no care during test shave. Took about 5 minutes. 5 stars because of the speed and a decent shave, just watch the curvature of the body.

  • Elysian Fields - I Want My Own Wolf!

    The characters of Luke and Hayley were sweet, passionate, kind, and loveable. Hayley loves to bake, wants a simple life after years spent in New York City. Luke and Hayley have been friends most of their lives and have each secretly loved each other the entire time, but circumstances and miss-communication led to them going their separate ways. Hayley has always loved Luke, gave him her virginity because she cared so much for him. Took what she could get from Luke, even though it was never going to be enough. Luke has just gotten out of prison for a crime that he did not commit and is partly broken because if his experiences. He is also determined to really live life with the things and people that matter most to him, like Hayley. The interactions between Luke and Hayley are fantastic and the reader can really understand their love and respect for each other. The addition to plot of the murder and the mystery only added greatly to the reading this book. The murderer was well developed and intriguing. Without giving too much away; I loved at the end of the story the murderer tries to explain why “they” did what “they” did. It might have made since the “them” but there was really no excuse. I really loved that there were a few chapters that were told from the murderers view point so that we could get into “their” head and view the story that way.