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    Country:, Europe, LT

    City: 24 , Republic of Lithuania

  • Charlyne - So so

    I like the lighting, but the case is a little too big and it's hard to get the phone out of the case when it's not in use. The lighting is good, but I wanted to the Lumee that had different light options. Too expensive to tell you the truth.

  • ravenrock - Ravenrock

    Hated the main character. She is lazy, doesn't shave her legs, has no moral compass when faced with a murder/hit and run. Frankly, I couldn't finish this book as Evelyn made me sick and I didn't care what happened to her. I enjoy characters who face challenges and grow, not those who are too stupid to care about and whose problems are mostly self-made.

  • jennifer Brockman - What a must have!

    We purchased our charger to get ready for the birth of our son and we use it for everything! I actually am buying this for every baby shower that I go to now! Every new parent should use this to be ready for toy batteries, swings, and bouncy chairs!

  • M. Sotomayor - Lost interest within the first 20 minutes

    I lost interest within the first 20 minutes. I found it to have nothing new or interesting from previous Hercules movies made . Sorry it just didn't do anything for me, I lost interest and fell a sleep while watching it. Love Dwayne Johnson but this story line needed improvement. Sorry not for me