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  • Inspiring Insomnia - Bright, natural-looking whiteness

    I've been using Crest Whitestrips for years, ever since the original product was released. Crest continues to refine the product, as it becomes more powerful, requires less time, and with better adhesion. I'm at a point now where I just use them for a few days every couple of months for upkeep. Their effect is noticeable, both to me and to friends who comment on how my teeth look whiter. Without regular maintenance, my teeth would be fairly yellow and dull-looking. No, Crest does not give me the blinding, "Hollywood-type" white, but that's not what I want, anyway. Instead, they look bright, natural, and definitely more white than yellow.

  • James L Puthuff - I love this Antivirus program

    I'm a Computer Consultant and I use WEB Root for all my clients. It's up-to-date and it keeps virus, Trojans, and malware out of every computer I use it on. I've tried other antivirus programs and this is the one I like best. I would purchase from this vendor again and would recommend this site to my friends and associates.

  • J. Foster - So far so good.

    Product arrived quickly, in solid packaging. Installed fine and works fine so far. There was a business card included with full contact information in case of any trouble, which is a nice touch. Hopefully I won't have to use it. :)

  • Concerned Consumer - No "Arthritis Pain Relief" for me.

    This "dream cream" did not work for my arthritis. I used it on my shoulders, arms, and neck for almost a month - no relief

  • Bob Jones - Installation tips here! It pays to do it right the first time!

    Installation is definitely a two-person job. It helps to have a couple of kids helping as well. It took us two evenings of about 2 hours each. I'm pretty good at building things and this was no easy task. The instructions leave a lot to be desired. The pictures included are laughable. Prepare yourself to make a few mistakes along the way and do a little backtracking. One piece of advice is to not tie the spring pad down until the very end. That way if something isn't lined up correctly, it's not the end of the world. Also, there is no reason to tie the spring pad down so tightly that undoing it in the future will be impossible. Make sure when you line up the zipper door to a T-brace (you do this BEFORE connecting any springs), that you align the zipper with a T-Brace that DOES NOT have a bracket for installing an enclosure pole. There are 6 T-braces with brackets that hold the enclosure poles, and 6 T-braces that do not have a bracket for the enclosure poles. You want to align the zipper door with a T-brace that DOES NOT hold a enclosure pole. If you make this mistake you are in a world of hurt. The instructions do not mention this and that causes trouble for a lot of people. The kids enjoy jumping on the thing (one at a time!) and it seems pretty sturdy. On one of the enclosure poles I had to drill a hole for one of the bolts because it was not correctly drilled at the factory. Other than that one mistake all parts were correctly included. I'm glad it's done and it's a lot bigger than I was expecting. Good luck!

  • fklftman - Scam

    This thing is a total scam. It would not work with the batteries, There are no, repeat, no therapuetic benefits to this product. It is a bunch of led lights. This is pure snake-oil. Thank God for Amazon because I could return it with no problems.

  • NetworkD00d - Well worth it to protect your home and for peace of mind!

    Set this up in my lake home in the Midwest for peace of mind. We went almost two months without checking in on the place and I was completely confident it would be OK when we got there. Before I always had a worry when the temperature dropped below zero or I hadn't been there in a while... would I find that a pipe had frozen and burst because the heat or power went out?