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Weight Loss Camps Better Than A Fat Camp! - Join 20,000+ formerly overweight kids who LOVE our weight loss camp. Fun, exciting, affordable, caring, MD, RD, Certified Chef, Therapist. Since 1968

  • http://www.campshane.com/blog/ Healthy Lifestyles Blog - Health and Exercise Tips for Kids - In our blog, experts advise on the latest weight loss trends, diets, and techniques. Learn more about weight loss and healthy lifestyles.
  • http://www.campshane.com/request-a-brochure-and-additional-info/ Camp Shane - Weight Loss & Fitness Camps - Request Info Brochure - Request information from Camp Shane about our weight loss camps for co-ed kids and teens ages 7 through 17. Stop overeating & change your life style.
  • http://www.campshane.com/kids-and-teens/camp-shane-works/ Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens that Works - Trouble losing weight on your own? Craving food? We know what you need and can help. We are experts of nearly 50 years but you only need one summer at Shane
  • http://www.campshane.com/xbox-one/ Xbox One at Shane NY - CampShane - Testimonial from Eve, a camper at Camp Shane, whose dedication to her weight loss is inspiring.
  • http://www.campshane.com/as-seen-on-tv/ From MTV True Life to Dr. Oz, ABC, and More - Camp Shane - Camp Shane has been featured on MTV True Life, Made, Dr. Oz, ABC, Time Magazine, BBC, Discovery and more. Watch videos here!
  • http://www.campshane.com/social-media/ Social Media - Weight Loss Camps | Camp Shane - Camp Shane’s OFFICIAL social connection to all Shaners across the world! Our Social Connection lets you keep in contact with everyone that you met at camp.
  • http://www.campshane.com/faqs-2/ Frequently Asked Camp Questions Weight Loss & Fitness | Camp Shane - Find the answer to many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Camp Shane weight loss and fitness camps.
  • http://www.campshane.com/why-parent-loves-us/ownersdirectors/ Owners and Directors | Camp Shane - Since 1968 the Ettenberg's have run extraordinary weight loss camps that everyone is proud to be a part of. Read their story!
  • http://www.campshane.com/who-we-are/ Staff - About Our Fitness and Weight Loss Experts | Camp Shane - Learn more about Camp Shane's Expert Team including our Directors, Coaches and Personal Trainers. Know the faces before you book your stay at the resort!
  • http://www.campshane.com/what-we-do/ Weight Loss Programs for Kids - Child Weight Loss with Camp Shane! - At Camp Shane we work with each camper to create customized weight loss programs for kids that work. Learn more here!
  • http://www.campshane.com/advisory-panel/ Weight Loss Advisory Panel | Camp Shane - Our highly qualified weight loss experts enable us to be certain that our weight loss programs are safe, scientific, effective & comprehensive.
  • http://www.campshane.com/guidance/ Weight Loss Support - Building Self Esteem in Children - We help empower campers with long-lasting weight loss support and guidance to build their self-image and self esteem. Learn more here!
  • http://www.campshane.com/experience/ Weight Loss Experience & Reputation | Camp Shane - Started in 1968 we have been helping generations of campers lose weight & stay healthy. Discover what makes us the best weight loss & diet camp.
  • http://www.campshane.com/planning-every-detail/ Planning Every Detail | Camp Shane - All our weight loss & diet programs are meticulously planned, equipped & executed. We have a longstanding history of success. Learn more here!
  • http://www.campshane.com/safety/ Summer Camp Safety - Together Everyone Achieves More - Camp Shane counselors are committed 24/7 to assuring the safety of your children. Learn how campers are under the watch of mature adults at our camps.
  • http://www.campshane.com/trustworthy-people/ We're Not a Fat Camp for Kids or a Weight Loss Boot Camp - Kids get the care they need at Camp Shane - a warm, loving, and nurturing environment. We're not a weight loss boot camp or fat camp. Learn more!
  • http://www.campshane.com/staff-training/ Our Weight Loss Staff | Camp Shane - Our staff training program is excellent. All of our weight loss staff are taught to foster a kid sensitive & rewarding camp. Discover the difference.
  • http://www.campshane.com/young-adults-17-25/ Weight Loss Camp for Young Adults | NOT a Fat Camp - Camp Shane Weight Loss Camp for Young Women and Men between the ages of 17-25. Find the right Young Adult Weight Loss camp, Diet Program for you today!
  • http://www.campshane.com/high-school-seniors/ Young Adult Weight Loss Program | Ages 17-25 | Male and Female - Specifically designed for you. Great weight losses, food you like and activities you enjoy. You’ll be clapping, singing and shaking it up. We do fun.

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  • treehuggerTom - Sticky grease/oil in kitchen, no problem!

    I bought Krud Kutter for one reason only....the sticky splatter or remnants just from cooking...it settles everywhere in the kitchen and dust settles and collects on it...on top of fridges, toasters, other appliances, stove back splash, the stove hood/vent filter/screen....I've tried all types of degreasers commercial & industrial....none of them ever removes it, instead it get sticker and smears...

  • Roxanne Sadowitz - Totally satisfied.

    It was just what I wanted. Sound is superb. It's also easy to operate. The price was right, too. Delivered in great shape and on a timely basis.