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Cancer Hospital, Akola − Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital and Medical Research Center - Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital and Medical Research Center is run by Manav Seva Public Chartitalbe. The hospital treats cancer hospital and also helps the poors in getting charity help for their treatments

Country:, Asia, AE

City: 54 , United Arab Emirates

  • C. Main - Perfect for my 2003 Sequoia. Easy and quick install!

    The PIE TOY03-AUX2 is the perfect aux audio input for my 2003 Toyota Sequoia with the JBL sound system. It took less than 30 minutes to install (check out the helpful videos on the net for removing the radio unit from the dash) and works flawlessly. I ran the audio patch cable (not included -- make sure to purchase that, too!) through the AC vent and up to the dash mount for my cell phone. This makes for a very clean look with minimal exposed wiring.

  • Larsen James Ryan - I really like these rings

    I really like these rings, they look good and feel like the actual thing. On one of them there is a diamond or two missing but you would really have to look at it to notice. But overall they are great to have on the shelf in your room, looks a lot like the real rings.

  • Lezahnhoj - Excellent Multipurpose/ Easily Concealable Blade

    This Knife comes with an amazing sheath! The sheath allows for straps to be fed through so as to fasten with velcro straps or what not to a leg, boot, or pretty much anything. Small and easily concealable anywhere. Blade is very sharp. Can be used for other things besides self defense but I rarely take it out because it is illegal in my state and QUITE FRANKLY IT IS PROBABLY ILLEGAL IN ALMOST EVERY STATE IN THE U.S. because it is double edged. Get caught carrying and concealing it in a state or city where it is illegal to carry double edges and you could face a hefty fine and possibly misdemeanor charges. But other than downside it is an excellent blade. Note that it is not illegal to possess it at home or in collections and what not, but I wouldn't necesarily call this a collector's knife. But great product and great shipping! Good cheap price (especially with Amazon Prime, hefty discount)

  • Catherine Kyle - It is awesome! Does everything I need it to do and ...

    I have used this program for years for a small business. It is awesome! Does everything I need it to do and you can't beat the price!

  • Ryan craig - FAKE!

    There fake... After wearing them once they deflated... just threw em out... Dont buy it's no use of wasting money.

  • Audrey Herrington - I love these books

    I love these books, but this one was delivered with a defective binding. Other than that the datebook is my favorite and I love getting a new one each year.

  • Khloe - Most helpful book yet!

    This book has definitely helped me with studying for the nclex exam. Everyone of my classmates has passed the nclex exam when studying with this book.I would highly recommend this book to any nursing student preparing to take their exam. It has all types of strategies and practice questions with rationales and a cd! This was a great buy.