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Cardiovascular Care - Dr Michael H Goldman, MD FACC - Cardiovascular Care Specialist- Heart Care, Pace Makers, EKG, Angina, Hypertention, Stress Test - Cardiovascular Care operates under the medical direction of Dr. Michael Goldman a leading cardiology specialist providing treatment for heart attacks, angina, cardiovascular problems, strokes, prevention, ekg. At Cardiovascular Care we full range of cardiac conditions, including Hypertension, Cholesterol and Other Lipid Disorders, Angina and Other Coronary Diseases, Valve Problems, Arrhythmias, Congestive Heart Failure.

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  • Norman L. Gheen - Glad I hadn't tossed the old norelco

    Motor too slow...I only used the new head on my old norelco. Glad I hadn't tossed the old norelco. Will have to do something different in the near future.

  • D. Reiter - Dull reading

    I am a long time reader of the BASS series and am an avid short story reader in general. This collection is disappointing. I found myself skimming many pages of the first story, trying to find a well-turned phrase or anything at all in the writer's voice that made connection with me or that would identify it as worthy of BASS much less first position. I have randomly read a few others and have a similar response. I do not understand the choices of this year's editor.

  • run slow, finish whenever - Easy application and good protection

    I purchased these for my phone and for my daughter's phone after I decided I no longer wanted to use s full-coverage phone case. She keeps her phone kind of wherever, tosses it in her bag, back pocket, etc. She's already cracked screen protectors a few times and proceeded to crack this one within the first month she had it on her phone. The protector was SHATTERED, but the actual phone screen? Unblemished. I am 6 months in and going mostly strong. I did drop my phone once, while it was in its case, and the upper left-hand corner of the protector broke off but the rest of the protector is still intact. I would much rather purchase another $8 protector pack of two than have to replace an actual phone screen. These things do the job well and are very easy to apply.

  • Some guy in MS - Needs work - but no other choices

    I'm running server 2012 for a small business. Setup was easy, but it was a little convoluted for clients. Whatever you do,don't try to connect clients until they are upgraded to the Pro version of windows, or there is a long, sometimes difficult uninstallation and change of computer name required to reconnect which can be very painful.

  • Andrew Magnarella - Great! Best game yet! A truly immersive experience!

    To start off with, this is a great game buy it!! It is the best game of 2012, so if you have to have either this one or Survival, Buy this one! I rate it at 4.5 stars and here are the reasons.

  • Carlyle Bruno - Great VESA adapter

    Great VESA adapter. It seems as if it is very durable and seems as if it will exceed expectations (very sturdy) and will keep my Samsung U28D590 from falling off of the VESA mount.