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Cat Hospital of Chicago | Veterinary Care in Chicago, IL - Cat Hospital of Chicago offers feline-friendly veterinary medical care for pets in the Chicago, Illinois area.

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  • LaMar Bender - It was like the seller said

    I was pleasantly surprised of the condition the record, booklet, and album cover were in especially considering the price I paid. It was like the seller said, "Like new." Now for the content. It's been years since I listened to this album in it's entirety. I agree with what other reviewers have said about this edition being the best one of Jesus Christ Superstar. I recall being inspired when I heard this album as a young Christian when it was first released. It helped me see Jesus Christ as a human being just like me. The entire opera is still inspiring and enjoyable for me today. My only disappointment with this great work is that it leaves out the resurrection of Jesus Christ which for me is a key component to the Christian faith. That said it does a nice job of putting the gospel narrative in a musical style that I enjoy.

  • James H. - This has PLENTY of power for Web surfing and Document processing, this could replace your PC

    This "Computer" has performed MUCH better than I expected. It comes preinstalled with Windows and have installed many programs and works flawlessly.

  • C.Murphy - HORRIBLE product!

    I had my hardwood floors refinished recently and asked the installer what cleaner I should use to keep the high gloss finish shiny. He recommened Bona. I used the product today and am too disgusted for words! My beautiful, shiny floors are now covered in a dull, streaky film. They look horrible. I tried going over them with a damp rag to clean it off with little results. Finally I discovered the only way to bring back the shine is to buff them. Unfortunately there is too much to do by hand and would need a power buffer. I will be dumping that bottle of Bona in the trash!

  • Carol B. - Product tastes great, but I have purchased and returned 2 boxes ...

    Product tastes great, but I have purchased and returned 2 boxes to two different stores because the packets are hardened inside for no apparent reason and hard to get out of the packet. The ones I tried at Starbucks were granulated and separated easily. Anyone have this problem?

  • daytrippergrrl - Disapointment!

    I purchased this game for our family to play on thanksgiving, It has many Errors, the options are non existent, there is so many things that could have been done much better with this game, if it had been a value priced 14.99 game it would not been worth the price. But it cost $30! Don't waste your money :(

  • Kaimonkey - Fastest Boot drive, in the west!

    For a vast majority of people, 60gb is a very small drive. If this was a regular harddrive, well you're kind of screwed for just about anything, however since it is an SSD, one can use this product very easily for the regulated duty of a boot drive. A boot drive quite simply is a smallish ssd that you put just your operating system as well as a few tidbits of software that you use on a regular basis. On my desktop that I have this ssd installed, I have Windows 10 installed, as well as Chrome, and spotify, as well as a few technical software for my computer such as Radeon Settings and MSI afterburner for my graphics card.

  • Kristy_Elizabeth - Gimmicky

    This cleanse kit is basically a bottle of liver support herbs, generic fiber laxative, and pill form milk of magnesia; which is another type of laxative. All products which can be purchased separately and in larger quantity at a greater value. If liver support is of interest then I would buy a bottle of daily support pills vs just using this kit for 7 days. There are numerous options available on Amazon for liver support daily supplements. So basically the kit contains something some people might want to be taking everyday to begin with and the addition of some laxatives; in my opinion there's nothing special about this kit.