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Causeway Coast Rentals | causewaycoastrentals.co.uk - Causeway Coast Rentals is a local holiday home specialist for self-catering homes across the North Coast.

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  • http://www.causewaycoastrentals.co.uk/landlord-services/ Holiday Home Management Portrush, Portballintrae Portstewart - Northern Ireland Portstewart Portrush Portballintrae Castlerock Giants Causeway Holiday Home Self Catering Management
  • http://www.causewaycoastrentals.co.uk/accommodation/self-catering-bushmills-properties/aird-clachan-cottage/ Aird Clachan Cottage Self catering accommodation Bushmills - 4 bedroom luxury Self catering holiday home Bushmills. Close to giants causeway with countryside and sea views.
  • http://www.causewaycoastrentals.co.uk/accommodation/self-catering-portballintrae-properties/ballintrae-house/ Ballintrae House self catering holiday home Portballintrae - Self Catering Portballintrae Ballintrae House available through Causeway Coast Rentals, 5 star apartment in Portballintrae, available for self catering. Sea Views

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  • woodie - CSN_old but unique.

    Old, but unique. No one since CSN has been able to produce a similar harmonic style. Vocals not as good as decades ago but still highly enjoyable. This may well be their last concert tour so DVD is highly collectable.

  • V. Munoz - Are you ready?

    This program is not for everyone. Please ask yourself if you are ready to change your lifestyle before you begin. It is not a "cleanse" and that's why I like it. Instead you eat whole foods (fruits & veggie through day 11 and then introduce grass fed protein and wild caught fish through day 21). I'm not sure how people feel they starve on this program. You will battle cravings and you will quickly learn that you probably eat for pleasure or out of boredom as you'll find those urgings kick in when you are already full. Fight through and stick to this plan. I wanted to give up processed foods, sugar and begin to eat for life. This plan readys your body for that transformation if that's what you are looking for. I lost 10lbs in 6 days and did not feel deprived. In fact I learned to savor fresh nutritious foods and enjoy the natural sugars of a date versus chemicals. I'm only 1/3rd of the way through and am so excited for my complete transformation. My vision is clearer and brighter. Not really sure how to put it all in words. I'm listening to my body more. Definitely buy through the Standard Process company to make sure your product hasn't been tampered with and includes the complete amount of product needed to complete this program. The toughest part for me was swallowing all the capsules! The food prep takes a little work so I suggest writing out an eating plan for each day before you start. The booklet you get gives you recipes and snack ideas. Are you ready? If yes, then start this!

  • Samantha - A second vote for not working

    I have a front loading Miele washer and have been using this product regularly. Where this product fails is where you can't it, inside the rubber hosing of your washer. The Miele has a drain trap which you can open and drain the water out. When I did this all sorts of black mold came out and it was also in the rubber hose. I ran a bleach solution through the washer on sanitize and got rid of the mold.

  • velodougie - worked as advertised

    Product installed easily and corrected the problem I was having with the RV water heater. I'm a happy camper, now.

  • Amazon Customer - Love It!!!

    The smell is amazing !!! So far I've been seeing results and friends are noticing a difference !!! Still giving it time to see more results

  • Kevin - Made my own. It worked. Will Never Play it Again

    Never bought this, but.... 26 years ago my friends and I made our own according to whatever specifications it has to be.

  • Sherri Machler - Not as advertised

    This is not 100% Argan oil as advertised. Argan oil is the fourth ingredient, the first three ingredients are silicones which will build up on your hair and make the problem worse over time. Also, this is NOT a 4 ounce bottle, it is 3.4 ounces.