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  • Esther - Love it!

    I have naturally curly hair and its hard to put anything in my hair once i straighten it that is a "wet" product because usually it will cause it to immediately curl back up. Not only does this stuff smell amazing, but I can use this cream in my Straightened blow dried hair and it doesn't curl it back up and it gives it a nice shine. Obviously, i only use between a dime and quarter size every time and my hair is down to the middle of my back but I honestly don't need much more as the product works really well for me. Thanks to how little i need to use, this bottle lasts me quite awhile so i don't mind paying for it when i need it.

  • Vickie A. Clark - I would recommend this monitor.

    I am really enjoying this new monitor. It has plenty of real estate to open 2 programs side-by-side and they are still usable. It seemed really bright at first, but my 6 yo monitor may have been dying a slow dim death for a while. The only draw back is that I have to use it at a higher resolution than my old monitor. Everything looked so tiny! I overcame this by making my icons larger and upping the magnification on my web browser to 150%.

  • Joyner Lights - Let The Cutting Begin

    Package arrived exactly as advertised. Besides making a strange buzzing sound, maybe because it's new and needs a little oil, I am free to be my own barber. My hair trims look great and I feel liberated no more hours waiting in a crowded barbershop. My barber was surprised; he could not tell that I did it myself.

  • Anastasia Constantine - Miss this kind of music!

    Awesome lyrics and music - was just reminded of this song at the ending of a favorite program - must have

  • Priscilla Gaines - just started using this, it takes the oils off ...

    just started using this , it takes the oils off his coat so that the 4% shampoo can reach the skin .it works really well.

  • Honest Frizz - Solid & Sturdy

    I recently purchased a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition that did not come with the functional side rails, as most Jeeps do. So, I needed to install side rails first before being able to install these crossbars. Once I had the side rails on, these crossbars were very easy to install. I read several reviews that commented on the necessity to loosen the screws almost all the way in order to make the installation easier, as well as the difficulty of fitting the rubber cap back into place. I had also received an email with an installation video from the company I purchased them from. So with all that knowledge, I knew what to expect, and I was able to install from start to finish in about 15 minutes. The crossbars are a very solid material and sit very securely on my roof. I have put some weight on them and they don't budge a millimeter! I definitely recommended these crossbars for anyone looking to have a more permanent set of bars on their Jeep. Do a little research, read some reviews, and it will make the installation a breeze!