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  • Will Moore - fun game but a money pit

    Fun game great graphics but it takes to long to get enough gold coins because you need to pay cash for them which makes the game take forever to progress in would rather just pay for the app than needing to pay to progress I have patience and never buy the gold not spending cash on virtual items

  • Rudythegreat - An eye opener

    I wanted to write this review because Christmas is just around the corner. If you know someone who thinks that they are the epitome of knowledge, you need to buy this book for their Christmas present. Your friend will be most animated as a result of your decision; he or she could even be pissed at you for a long time.

  • Just Me - Not impressed

    I had high hopes for this product, as I have had two bouts of skin cancer and try not to spend that much time in the sun for a nice tan. However, I found this product no more impressive than the $7 bottle I can get at the store. I feel it was just as orange, and it definitely left streaks, and creased in back of knees and inner arms. Disappointed in the hype on it.

  • Emilie Hendryx - Thinking Thoughts Blog Review

    I was drawn to the title of this book. Simplify. Can't we all use some simplification in our lives? I know I can!

  • Zer0 - If you find yourself beta.. and you know ...

    If you find yourself beta.. and you know who you are. If you seriously want to improve yourself; be honest about your flaws and read this book. There is nothing wrong with you, this book is a godsend. Read it and learn.:)