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Unlocking Learning Potential - Unlocking Learning Potential with non-drug, educational methods for individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers, and other sensory integration problems.

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  • Sean Donovan - The pump is almost near worthless

    First one we got was almost impossible to release the pump, but eventually we got it to work.. second one pump came out easily enough though. First one when it came close to it being empty would not pump out anymore, had to crack the bottle open and put the rest in the new one, which i bought early because of this. The formula works great though!

  • Rick - This game is a scam.....

    Once they let you win a little they quickly suck down your coins to make you buy them. This would be more fun to just pay up front...Scammers are what the designers of this game are....

  • Suresh - 2015 ver is not good.

    using kaspersky for almost 7 years in my laptops and PC. Having some issue with 2015 ver... it takes at least 2 mins for update\rootkit scan from boot up in Win 7 before I can click on any icons in desktop. Never had any problem with 2014 ver. Similar it doesn't work well with firefox browser (which is my fav browser) and stopped using it because of this. Not sure if I'm the only one having this issue...

  • Edward J. Schwahl - Hydrophobic Dust

    Lets be honest, it's not really a coating. You spray it on whatever you want but it's just a thin layer of powder. Its sticky enough to cling to something but it comes off if you touch it, or if a light breeze happens upon it. It just sucks. Don't waste your time or your money. Don't spray it on anything valuable either.

  • Jim Bos - The Best Alarm System on the Market

    Although I am no alarm expert, I am a retired State Trooper who answered many many alarms. I have never been impressed with ADT, and all the other clone companies. I think they are overrated, and overpriced. When we decided to install an alarm in our new house, I debated for over two years dragging my feet at the prospect of dealing with these companies. then along came Simplisafe. We took a chance and ordered the system. We installed it three days ago, and I am so impressed. The system works exactly as advertised, and is extremely easy to use. You can easily customize it to fit your needs and it operates flawlessly. We have since ordered more sensors, and look forward to adding them. The price is very reasonable for both the system and the monitoring. Lastly, customer service is friendly, helpful, and polite. Stay away from the big companies, and give these guys a try. You won't be disappointed.