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  • Joyce - Awesome product compared to others.

    I bought one for myself since I work in my home, and prefer a mic system instead of talking on speaker phone. No issues at all! Clients can hear me clearly, and vice versa! Love it so much, I bought one for my husband since he travels for work and drives a lot. He loves it, too! Reasonably priced. Easy installation. Comfortable to wear. LOVE IT!

  • Katherine Lager - OMG Love it

    I am a hairdresser and i have been using nioxin for two years now and love it. My hair started getting thin after the birth of my daughter. I started using the whole system ( cleanser, scalp therapy and, conditioner) but i found that it works just as good with out the scalp therapy. I started really noticing a difference in about three months, I started to get peach fuzz now the peach fuzz is completly grown out. When I tried an off brand of hair growth set, i got at sallys and i started to loose my hair again. So if your looking for a quick fix, this isnt it try using a body shampoo that will coat your hair with wax and other harsh stuff that will brake your hair. Even if you are not looking for an amazing deep comdtioner safe for use every day this is it. I have platnum bleached hair that is very fine, if i use anything else other then enjoy (witch is $35 for a 12oz bottle) my hair brakes off. Nioxin dose not weight your hair down and leaves it very clean. I recomend it to my clients and always have it in the back bar and for retail.

  • Level 5 leadership - from Good to Great - Level 5 leadership - from Good to Great

    It has always been my contention that makes a company great is not their products, not even their salespeople...but leadership at level 5!People won't buy products no matter how great they are without leaders moving them.Salespeople will not sell, no matter how great their products or compensation plan is...without leadership.Leadership...Level 5 leadership take you from good to great.

  • Cheri Albright - Use the product before commenting!

    I really cannot believe the negative reviews that this product gets all the time. If you have an issue with the aggressive selling tactics, just order for the damn products online. I personally liked the Orogold store. Yes, they’re pushy, but who isn’t? I’m sure most of us in sales jobs are pretty much the same. Anyways, let me clarify that it isn’t something in the product that comes off. Its your dead skin cells. Use the product frequently and you’re bound to see that the amount of gunk sloughing off your skin reduces. How can you explain that if there was something in the product?