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Christian Sen | Welcome To My Home Improvement Blog - Call A Locksmith!!! If you're unlucky to find yourself locked out of automobile, house, or a company, you really have to call on the service of a reputable

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  • Lightsleeper - Critical Component

    If you are building a 2000:1 working prototype of a badger brain in a storage unit in the desert, this is definitely what you want as a synaptic analogue. Plain old aquarium tubing will work for chemical signals, but for electrical impulses you want a FAST, ACCURATE conductor. WIre clothing hangars WILL NOT WORK!

  • Amazon Customer - I didn't take any supplements together because I wanted to know which one would work best for me

    My husband and I tried for over 6 years to have a kid. It was hard because my cycles were very irregular. I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS. I haven't had regular periods for over three years; maybe twice a year if I'm lucky. I tried maca root and vitex, but they didn't work for me. I didn't take any supplements together because I wanted to know which one would work best for me. I tried maca root for a year then vitex for a year, but my period never came. I did some research and came upon Pregnitude. I took it for a month (September 2015). I was kind of disappointed because I could feel it working, but my period didn't come the following month. Well, I felt ill around October 2015 and my husband and I were thinking of donating plasma so I decided to take a pregnancy test just in case. Low and behold, two lines! After six years of trying I finally became pregnant. I had a healthy baby boy May 2016.