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CIDNY - Our goal is to ensure full integration, independence, and equal opportunity for all people with disabilities.

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  • Karen J. Rees - The best anti-virus software out there!

    This program is better than Norton and Mc Afee. The support is great! They're constantly updating so your computer is always secure. They send immediate alerts when a virus is detected and then they quarantine it so your computer stays safe. This software is available over the internet and was recommended to us after we had a serious attack from malware and had to have it cleaned by professionals. We then installed it. There are different levels of protection depending on whether your computer is for business or personal needs. We even got it free for a limited time. We are very happy with AVAST and would recommend it to everyone!

  • Annette Martinez - Very handy

    From the first page the people at Kaplan guide you through the experience of the new GRE Test. Easy to read and understand, the book is a powerful and a great guide for what you will find in the test and gives you the tools to master it.

  • Ezekiel Serrano - quick review Smrm123

    Just dance 2014 seems to be my favorite Danceing game it has A bunch of girls manly fast action Songs I love

  • Jestifex - An All Natural Energy/Pump Booster With Quick Results! However, Energy/Pump Is Short Lived And Product Is Way Overpriced!

    1. Look/Design: I really like the professional design of the product. It has an all natural ingredient formula and has precise directions for use. The expiration date can be clearly found on the bottom of the bottle. "1.00 STARS!"

  • Robin Lynn Frank - Almost Excellent

    Functionally, it works just fine. It certainly provides features my rented Time Warner Cable Scientific Atlanta (Cisco 2100) did not have, including a log and means of measuring its status and the conditions it is working under. Installation was simple and a 5 minute call to TWC, had it activated and running smoothly. Speedtest.net indicates I am getting very close to the specification for speed of my plan.

  • TonyD - Eye-opening information for those who suffer from acid reflux!

    Although this book has some repetetive information, the basic premise is that 90% of people have low stomach acid levels, and this contributes to acid reflux. Your traditional MD will never tell you this. I have been on a PPI for about 7 yrs and have been experiencing all kinds of strange problems (fatigue, anxiety) that I thought were just part of the aging process. Now, I think these issues are due to poor diet and poor digestion. I have decided to get off PPI's once and for all. I have been off them for about 4 wks and hope to never return!