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  • Jack Heart - Great easy to use and lightweight

    I finally had a chance to use this, and it is great. As other reviews say, it is easy to use and it might be good to use a larger cup, or hold it higher to act as drip coffee. I found it fine to pour in and let sit like you would let a tea bag sit. As a warning, but not a negative thing, know that disposing of the grounds can be a little messy, so if you are hardcore about leaving no trace, you may need to just wipe it off a bit, and deal with it being dirty for your trip.

  • Courtney LeBlanc - An excellent, mesmerizing read

    Admittedly I tend to gravitate toward fiction and only like nonfiction when it's written like a novel - this book did not disappoint! Once I started reading it I literally couldn't put it down! From the moment Shackleton's ship is locked in ice, to them living on an ice floe, to them trekking across land and sea and they're eventual and dramatic attempt to sail away in search of a rescue party.

  • Kindle Customer - Almost Like Going to the Physical Therapist

    I always dreaded going to the physical therapist except for the TENS treatment. Now I can get almost the same treatment at home. The Omron works great and gives me some good lower back pain relief. Setting up the unit was very easy and placing the pads is well diagramed in the instructions. You can set the strength of the signal - mild is not very strong, but the highest strength is really a shocker. If you have back, arm or leg pain and TENS treatment has helped in the past, I would recommend trying the Omron.

  • Dennis Haddix - Wipe New is no deal !

    My car was clean and dry. use this product on my head lights, worked OK, put car wax and buffer looks just as well if not better.

  • Barry Fox - Outstanding guide that alerts parents to often overlooked opportunities to substantially lower their college costs this year

    Absolutely terrific book. Comprehensive and written in plain English. I am a professional financial aid counselor and consultant and you can be sure that this book is helpful for professionals and first time FAFSA filers. Covers every aspect of the FAFSA form. Well researched and up to date. Kudos to Mark.

  • j dog - J dog

    They made this box for to many vehicles. You have about a arms gap inbetween the outside of the enclosure, and the compartment it fits in, on both ends of the boxes. Yes thats right it has a block in the middle making two seperate sub boxes so it doesn't share volume. Plus the top is only about half the thickness it could be, their ends up olny being about, one inch, yep one inch, of internal volume to use. So it is 3/4 and 3/4 from 3inches. Also the wiring hook ups leak air, with it being a sealed inclosure, that sounds like crap. I just siloconed it shut drilled a hole and ran the wires all the way to the amp. With it being two seperate boxes, it made it a little more fun, bridging the subs to the amp. I also cut 1 inch strips of thin foam, and nailed them around where the subs are mounted. Installed the subs then cut off the excess. Other than that, it fits good, sounds decent, and wasn't a horrible price. I will probally cut it into pieces, add some more and glue it back together. I just can't stand it when my subs can't breath, when the volume is 1/2 to 3/4 I have used it for three months it is a solid box for mabey 2 250 watt RMS speakers I have 2 500 watt RMS NVX VSW102v2 they fit with plenty of room and sound decent. At medium to lower volumes. Thanks!!!

  • Denise McFarland - Great thriller

    I couldn't wait to read the second book in The Newsmakers series by Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart. I loved the first book, The Newsmakers, which introduced us to the dynamic and exciting character of Erica Sparks. I loved Erica's story and was super excited that it was continued in The Candidate. The book description reads: