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Therapak - Client Supply - Therapak is a leading supplier of diagnostic test kits used by hospitals, physicians, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

  • http://www.clientsupply.com/kit_development Therapak - Client Supply: Kit Development - Therapak is the global leader in developing customized specimen collection and shipping kits for a wide range of clinical and commercial applications
  • http://www.clientsupply.com/production Therapak - Client Supply: Production - With over 200,000 square feet of dedicated space across 4 facilities and 3 continents, kitting is our passion.
  • http://www.clientsupply.com/printing Therapak - Client Supply: Printing - Consolidated solutions for all your kit supply printing needs from site specific Requisition Forms and Airbills to Barcode Tube Labels and Product Inserts.
  • http://www.clientsupply.com/quality Therapak - Client Supply: Quality - FDA registered cGMP compliant facilities with high standards and superior quality.
  • http://www.clientsupply.com/ordering Therapak - Client Supply: Ordering - State-of-the-art online supply management systems with secure web access to place and track orders.
  • http://www.clientsupply.com/recycle Therapak - Client Supply: Recycle - Committed to provide alternative green packaging solutions for the laboratory industry.

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  • Martha R. Ashabranner - Beautiful

    Love the latest addition to my collection. I put up a Swarovski Tree every year with displaying the current year on a separate stand.I love the way it sparkles and at night with a spot light shining on it the walls sparkles too!

  • Kalifa - The worst product ever

    Proactiv is horrendous. First of all I must commend their marketing efforts, the 30-day "free trial" is a great way to get you to sign up. Once you sign up and you realize the product is a poorly manufactured bottle full of skin irritating chemicals, you'll forget to cancel your membership and be sent a triple size of their product that you wont ever use.

  • mcgriz - Best floor mat / liner available.

    I have owned Weathertech floor liners for various vehicles over the last 8 years. In my opinion the quality is second to none. These fit perfectly every time (as long as you select the right vehicle specification). There is a molded lip that keeps moisture in the liner and off of your floor. Cleanup could not be easier; Hit these with a hose or pressure washer and some light soap and the liners look brand new. I will never pay for OEM mats again, I will always seek out Weathertech's.

  • Rommel G - Small but it work

    It better than the original antenna the resection sound really good and it work perfect so I'm happy with it


    I wondered what could have gone wrong with a wafflemaker that was only used a dozen times??? When I read these reviews I realized that I had plenty of company. The wafflemaker LOOKS beautiful. WHEN it works you love it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has used defective parts in its construction and will not own up to it. I had a Sears wafflemaker for 36 years and it was still working when I discarded it for this glizty looking model. BIG MISTAKE. The only way to protect consumers from having their money stolen is to REFUSE to buy Villaware products until they change their ways. REALLY DISGUSTED and DISAPPOINTED.

  • Dan The Man - Stay Informed!

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  • Nancy Famolari - Holmes and Watson Search for a Stolen Secret Weapon

    It’s a busy time at 221B Baker Street. First Lucy James, Holmes daughter from a brief affair, comes to the flat with a newspaper telling of the death of a banker who was involved in a German assassination plot. Holmes foiled the plot, but now the banker has been murdered.