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  • http://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/news/operations/the-changing-paradigm-of-monitoring-and-the-evolving-role-of-the-cra-4997646 The Changing Paradigm of Monitoring and the Evolving Role of the CRA - Clinical Trials Arena - Thomas Tremblay, Apexigen, explores the ever changing role of CRAs against the backdrop of emerging technologies
  • http://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/news/data/esource-data-integrity-5010750 eSource & Data Integrity - Clinical Trials Arena - Tom Haag, Novartis, explains how the adoption of eSource for clinical trials offers significant opportunities to improve data integrity
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  • http://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/news/operations/is-immunotherapy-here-to-stay-5038523 Is Immunotherapy here to stay? - Clinical Trials Arena - In an interview with CTA, expert Angus Dalgleish, explains the influential role immunotherapy is playing in the fight against cancer
  • http://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/news/operations/clinical-trials-in-asia-tale-of-the-tiger-or-tiger-by-the-tail-part-iiib-malaysia-and-thailand-5029443 Clinical Trials in Asia: Tale of the Tiger or Tiger by the Tail? Part IIIb – Malaysia and Thailand - Clinical Trials Arena - In the final part of the Clinical Trials in Asia series, Ramani Aiyer, Shasta Bioventures, focuses on Malaysia and Thailand
  • http://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/news/data/clinical-operations-dashboard-and-integrating-data-5029368 Clinical Operations Dashboard and Integrating Data - Clinical Trials Arena - Ron Bourque, MedImmune, explains the role of clinical dashboards in data management

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  • michael bucek - Wonderful Natural Alternative to Gripe Water

    We were using Gripe Water on our baby boy for his gas issues. Little did we now that it has preservatives and chemicals in it. I feel so much more confidant in giving him an all natural remedy such as the Catnip/Fennel Extract. Added bonus; no need to refrigerate, so it can travel in the diaper bag with us!

  • Connie - good all around supplement will by again

    I like that juice plus has no magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide and is good natural nutrition. I like that it is a whole food supplement

  • Vance - Another Collection of Mostly Boring Yawns (I mean Yarns)

    I always favor the Best American Mystery Short Stories over this anthology. While this edition served up perhaps 3-4 decent stories, including "Breatharians," by Collan Wink, for the most part the stories were yawners, elitist yarns (yawns) by the typical crew of our supposed best short story writers, like George Saunders, Jim Shepard, and especially mournful and moanful, Alice Munro. Not worth the price of admission.

  • Erik F Goulding - I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album

    I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album. Is it Bleed American, or even Invented? No, but it's also a far sight better than Damage, and holds up pretty well against other middle-tier Jimmy Eat World albums released in the past fifteen years. Which is to say, it's a solid album with some very high points ("Sure and Certain" sounds like the kind of earworm I'm going to be whistling for the next six months), and a couple of B-sides that I probably won't skip when they come up on shuffle. If you've liked most of their discography, and are worried that this is the spiritual successor to "Damage," you don't need to worry. I'm happy with my eight buck purchase.

  • Ken Sisk - It INSTANTLY takes your money but that's all.

    We're all looking for the "fountain of youth". This ain't it folks. I can't afford surgery to remove the ugly bags so I bought instantly ageless. THE ONLY THING IT DOES INSTANTLY IS TAKE YOUR MONEY. You've been warned. It doesn't work.

  • P. Phelon - and this did not disappoint!

    I've been waiting my whole life to finally own a Cleveland championship video, and this did not disappoint!

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    This small gadget is my best ever purchase.it saves my a lot time.it takes seconds to find my keys and wallet. I'm gonna order more devices for my family. They'll surely love it.