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Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer | DUI Attorney in Columbus, OH - Voted Columbus DUI / OVI Lawyer of the Year and Best Law Firm by US News. We are one of Ohio's highest rated criminal defense law firms. Call us for a free consultation for your criminal charges.

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  • http://www.columbuscriminaldefensefirm.com/preventative-law/ Preventative Law | Drug Crime Lawyer in Columbus - Our top-rated Columbus drug crime attorneys provide preventative law services. Learn more about our program and our new counselor, Judge Scott VanDerKarr.
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  • J. Brown - Wish I hadn't purchased this

    I've used other, much more user friendly, home design software products. I also took a couple of CAD courses in college. This is a glitchy nightmare. All wall layers flicker and show at the same time and the 3D camera is constantly throwing up errors. Half the buttons they show on the Chief tutorials, that would make creating roofs and modifying objects much easier, don't exist in this version. Creating a gable end roof is a nightmare and my chosen house plan is full of them. When you click the create gable roof button, you get a definition of a gable roof, followed by directions telling how to further modify supporting walls (on a perfect square room) to get a gable end. This doesn't work 99% of the time within a complex house plan. So, I have to resort to guessing pitches and combinations for every line. The library is so skimpy, I'll have to create half the objects (like square columns) myself. How do you estimate costs for a drawn object? If you value your time and sanity, look elsewhere.

  • Kelly K - Decent stroller, but probably not worth the extra money

    Used this stroller for more than a year for our toddler, and it has been all over, including several airplane rides. Pros were the cup holder, canopy, it's lightweight and attractive. It's mostly held up - shows some wear and tear and there are nicks in the rubber padding on the handle, but I think that's from various plane rides. Cons were that it's hard to steer with one hand, not super easy to fold if your hands are full or you're corralling the little one, and I found the mechanism to recline the seatback completely cumbersome. This is kind of picky, but I also found it tedious to adjust the seat/footrest thing - the front part of the seat folds down to adjust to your little one's legs, but every time you unfold the stroller, you have to adjust that seat again. Not hard, but I found the extra step annoying when I was in a hurry.

  • dwmarr - Great Planner, Not Just For Elephant Lovers.....

    Great little planner no matter what your occupation or as a general home planner. Great way to lay out all you appointments and

  • Sophie - Five Stars

    Absolutely love this scour off for my stove top(electric) really hard to keep clean and shiny without this product.

  • Lucy Seay - Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i buy this shampoo all the time is great, even my husband uses it all the time, and loves it, stop the hair lost nad leaves silky feeling and stronger hair!!!

  • Shaun - Awesome. But i live in maine

    Bought for headlights. Wow. Awesome. But i live in maine. Dont ever let this product get cold. Well, unless u dont touch it. When a layer of rubber cement gets cold and somthinging like an ice scraper touches it, you have a layer of blurry rubber. Took me forever trying to buff off the crap i put over my lenses. Way longer than i had already spent using a lens clearing pollish. Plus to top it i had most of the product left which was cool, till it fell over. The bottle has no seal so it rubber cemented a bunch of things to the bottom of a drawer for me. Maybe its ok on other stuff that u dont plan on touching.