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The Iris Cantor Women's Health Center - The Iris Cantor Women's Health Center offers the most comprehensive array of healthcare services, designed specifically for women, in a single location in New York City.

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  • Munchkin - So-So

    I've had this security system for quite a while now and it hasn't detected anything. However, Microsoft Security Essentials popped up with 3 threats to my computer and Webroot had no clue. It just seems kind of funny to me that I go from having a computer that was constantly detecting threats to no threats at all. Overall, I haven't had any serious problems out of my computer due to viruses or any other bugs, but it is starting to act up a little and I'm not sure why because according to Webroot, I'm safe. Not sure I would recommend.

  • Rebecca Gregory - They work great for hair

    This is a great value, this is a large bottle of prenatal vitamins. This pills are sorta large but I have had larger and these don't have as much of an aftertaste as others I've tried. Most of the time if I swallow quickly there is no aftertaste at all. They have a slick feel to them which helps so much in getting them down and they don't stick in your throat as well as others. I personally continue taking prenatal vitamins even when I am not pregnant because of how much they aid in hair growth. I can take these without food and have had no stomach issues but some people may be different so keep in mind you may need to take with food but most dont. This is a great product that has a ton of essential vitamins and some extras. You can take these even if you are not pregnant as they will will be great for just everyday. If you want a vitamin to help with hair skin and nails, these would be a great choice. Since I've been taking these and biotin my hair is longer and stronger than it has ever been. My hair used to stop growing at a certain point but now it's about 6 inches longer than that. I am loving it and will continue to take them. The price on these is pretty decent for the amount you get.

  • Ausfile - Good as always

    What Color is your Parachute is a book which is always on my list of books to get every year. Each year he brings out a new edition. The editions change from year to year as he updates them according to world events. For example, due to the World economic Crisis he brought out a "Hard Times" edition in 2010 in recognition that the goal posts had shifted quite dramatically in the job-hunting / career-changing market. I purchase his books every two years. This year I bought the 2013 edition and on my Kindle. The book is excellent as always and is sufficiently updated and different from previous editions to justify buying the 2013 edition. The only drawback for me is that when he discusses interview situations they are normally situations where the job candidate is facing one interviewer. I normally face a panel of about 6 interviewers all with prepared questions and ticking off a list of criteria prepared by the HR department. But, all in all it is a very good book, well written and Richard N.Bolles' warmth as a person certainly comes across. The Kindle format does cause some difficulty however. Diagrams which are clear in the print edition are not easy to read on the relatively small Kindle screen. There is a facility to print those diagrams up if the Kindle is connected to a printer by WiFi but that is not often the case. This is not a problem using the Kindle app on the PC or Mac. I just found myself checking my print 2010 edition and used the diagrams from there.