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  • Shelby davis - temporary solution at best

    The first few months it was fine, however proformance quickly degraded. After about perhaps two months it would not get hot enought to cook chicken, we are talking +30 minutes of cooking time and the center is still raw. now 6 months after the purchase it will not even cook eggs, it is not even hot enough to burn my hand at full power after 20 minuts of cooking! For $25 I would say it is a temporary solution at best.

  • Payam Khobdeh - Great car lots of features

    Great car lots of features. Only draw back is that I got a 5 cal and gas mileage could be better . The 4cyl though seems to be quite efficient

  • Lauren - Perfect fit

    I had one of my OEM flaps crack and then get ripped off and have let it go without one for about a year while I agonized over spending $100 plus for one OEM flap. After a bit of looking around I came across these and decided to buy them based on the reviews. I am glad I did! These flaps are a perfect fit. They are a tad shorter than the OEM flaps and are made of a stiffer plastic. When installing, I found that the other flap was actually cracked too, so I'm glad I elected to get this pair. I didn't bother with the screws in the package, I just reused the OEM screws. The holes in the flaps were close enough to get everything bolted up, but not absolutely perfect. The fit, though, was dead on. I also purchased the suggested pop rivets and you should too if you are buying these flaps. There is no way to get the OEM rivets out without destroying them especially if your vehicle is a few years old. The 9.99 is well worth it and you have plenty of spares.

  • Amy W - Not worth the price to upgrade from the 2007 version

    I had been using Office Pro 2007 for quite some time now. I am a stay-at-home mom and a college student (online classes) and certainly use Office alot! I recently bought a new laptop and opted to go with the 2010 version as I got it pretty cheap through a student discount place. I DO like the 2010 version, but honestly? I just personally do not see enough changes/upgrades from the 2007 version to justify people spending this much money. If you can manage it get it at discounted price, sure, but other then that....I wouldn't waste your money.