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  • Kindle Customer - Explosive couple

    Roi is the comic relief for the ops, but would kill for his brothers, Missy is an actual agent for the government and the only woman to put Roi in his place, the attraction is there but Missy has lost before , she lost her child because of her job, a job the Roi only sees in Peron when she kills men who were trying to interrogate her. These two have a lot of secrets but mates don't lie

  • Gary H - Works like original.

    Works the same as the original. Overpriced for what it is but there's no better buy that I could find.

  • Debra G. - Like not having an antenna at all!

    I lost my antenna in a car wash and was driving around for a while without one until I could get it fixed. I decided to buy this one to use for local driving (I don't live in a rural area) and not have to worry about going into the car wash. I'd switch to the longer "official" antenna for road trips. Well, after getting the "official" antenna replaced, the reception was clear and perfect. I received the stubby and per my plan, switched it onto my minivan for local use. Well, it was like being back to no antenna at all again. Absolutely useless. Don't waste your money.

  • sunshyne66 - Product itself is decent but packaging is defective and leaks

    I do want to say that I do like the way the makeup looks and feels on me. I really liked the product itself. I purchased my Luminess system direct from the company in December of 2015. I spent around 450 dollars with the system that included the makeup, an upgrade on the system (which I ended up getting two machines) and a ton of half price makeup (highlighter, moisturizer, primers, skin care, etc).