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Cultura de la Legalidad. Cultura de la Legalidad - Cultura de la Legalidad. Es un sitio de Mйxico Unido Contra la Delincuencia enfocado a promover una cultura de legalidad entre la sociedad

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  • pen name - Good Read!

    This book is definitely a great introduction to the stock market. Even though the market is (and should be) intimidating to a lot of people, this book explains the basics of investing and gives the reader several plans for basic and advanced investment strategies.

  • Abhishek - there is that challenging and fun aspect to it to where you just feel motivated ...

    I will become a rock god and this will help me. It already has. A couple of weeks in, and I've made more progress that I would have thought possible. I've picked up and put down the guitar so many times in the past, to the point when I finally decided to go ahead and buy Rocksmith that I basically had to start over at square one. It is far more full featured than I had thought it would be, with lessons and mini-games, and the ability to adapt and tailor your learning to your comfort level. Furthermore, there is that challenging and fun aspect to it to where you just feel motivated to keep trying and keep going until you get it right. Next thing you know, you have ended up playing/practicing for a couple of hours. Practicing and learning the guitar was never this much fun before. I only regret that I didn't pick this up sooner.

  • Ham Rolo - Like no other paranormal documentary before!

    Like no other ghost or paranormal doc out there. The film makers are hillarious and engaging while staying serious to the subject matter. The experts involved really bring this one home. Amazing film!