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Cushings disease resource for dogs, cats, horses and humans dealing with pituitary or adrenal gland tumors K9 cushing's diaries - A Cushings Disease resource for cushingoid dogs, cats, horses, and humans. Cushings syndrome is associated with high levels of the hormone cortisol and can wreak havoc on the body. Read and share your cushings help and survival stories.

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  • C. Cole - The only "shampoo" I'll ever use!

    Hands down the best "shampoo" I've ever used! My hair is basically a giant bird's nest of curls and doesn't play nice with others! The No Poo somehow manages to clean my hair while also de-tangling and conditioning. It's minty and a little tingly and has a very calming smell. I highly recommend it to anyone! Even my husband uses it and he has fine straight hair!

  • Delivers the roadmap from good to great! - Delivers the roadmap from good to great!

    Collins' research into eleven public companies over a thirty year period provides important insights into corporate success. I was impressed by the emphasis on the right people -- instead of people in general -- as the greatest asset of a company. I also respect Collins' suggestion to "Confront the brutal facts." Optimism is a bad strategy when the price of failure or probability of failure are high. Good to Great provides the leap from mediocre thinking to extraordinarily positive thinking for a company. In the optimal thinking corporate world, good and great performance are considered positive, but suboptimal. Leaders and employees are using optimal thinking to be their best. I recommend this book highly because of its unique perspective and scientifically valid research.

  • Amazon Customer - Gave me the newer model

    This model being sold is a great kit. Mine got stolen & I had to buy a replacement. To my surprise, they sent me the newer model. The hammer drill has the 3 light settings & the impact driver has the 3 power settings. I also got the newer, slimmer charger. Lucky me.

  • Martin Stuck - The new Versions of AutoCAD are so User Friendly that Modifying the .pgp file need not be done any longer.

    Looks to be exactly what I want. It will help me a lot. I am using 13 where I am employed and hope to purchase 15 for home to run on a new desktop. I hope to make the purchase between end of November to next March The computer it self will be 4500-5300 with 64GB of ram. I am not a gamer but the computer is built for gaming. For me though I need a machine that can run AutoCAD 15, the latest version of Solid works, Visio 2013 alone with a few other software packages I have used in the past for creating or manipulating drawings. The "NEW" computer I have now at where I am employed is a Dell i7-3770 CPU @ 3.4 GHz 8.00 GB Ram and 64 bit with Windows 7. This thing locks up and freezes daily. If you need a power house computer you absolutely can not expect to find it by purchasing from a company that mass produces them in a factory in CHINA.

  • Kieran & Hannah - It was impressed me about to reduce my eye's wrinkles

    This product has managed to impressed me. It has aided with reducing my dark eye circles and has faded my eye's wrinkles. With this, I have confidence and plan to try other Orogold products in soon.