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  • Jessica - I'm really glad I did

    This is a really interesting brush. When I first saw it I thought it looked so similar to the artis brushes which are significantly more. With the price of this individual brush being so much cheaper than the $60+ artis brushes,I thought I would give it a try. I'm really glad I did. Using this style of brush will absolutely change how you apply make up. It definitely takes some getting used to, but it makes application a breeze.

  • Kindle Customer - Peel and seal ,easy to install with great results.

    Needed a roof for a new low pitch sun room,searched internet ,peel& seal gave everything I was looking for it easy to install,looks great,and after 2 heavy rain storms is 100 percent watertight. price was great compared to all other types of low pitch roofing.

  • John D. Keator - Turbotax 2014-- gouges!

    Worst software on the planet--gouge you for $30.00 additional money to file then gouge you again for another $10.00 and still can;t file due to claimed form changes! BULL! never again!

  • TheWhizzKite - Works for me.

    For me, it works as a toner to prepare skin for moisturizer that's not too abrasive. I have mildly oily skin type. I don't shave everyday, but when I do I typically wait about 20 minutes before applying, because like one of the other reviewers noted it can burn a bit. What it has does is control mild acne, razor bumps, and prepare skin to soak up moisturizer.

  • Ryan - Must have for every garage

    This is the only product that even comes close to "magic fix" in the automotive area. I've been using it for a while for fuel and oil treatment to keep things in my cars nice and clean. Recently I had a terrible problem with the engine in my wife's car. The oil drain plug washer failed and all her oil spilled out on the highway without her knowing. Drove home with the CEL blinking and the car making terrible noises. She probably drove it 15 miles bone dry. Put in new oil, new filter and new drain plug gasket but the engine was still having issues. Sounded like sticky lifters. Huge headache to get them out and clean them individually, so I poured in some SeaFoam first. Cleared up the engine noise after 1-2 miles of driving. Problem has never come back. I buy this in the gallon jug when it's on sale. A little harder to measure it out, but worth having around. If you are a DIYer, check out some automotive repair forums. This aways gets high marks.

  • Melina Lantz - Answer to phil's uneducated rantings.

    First of all Anne would have died 10 years or more ago if she didn't do what she did. The reason she died was because Conventional medicine damaged her liver to the point that nothing would help. The fact that she got 10 glorious years is a miracle in itself. 2ndly, What rock are you living under. Anne death was publicized. I heard about it right after it happened.

  • Amazon Customer - ... I think 10 1/2 should be these are more like 10?

    Size 10 1/2 is not what I think 10 1/2 should be these are more like 10 ???, to short and to late to send back to you I went to a softball tournament and wore them got them dirty so have to live with them,!!!!!