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Orthopaedic Specialist Dallas | Sports Medicine | Joint Replacement - Dallas ortho offers orthopaedic treatment for patients in an efficient way. Orthopaedic specialists ensure best possible care of their patients.

  • http://www.dallasortho.net/general.html General Appointment Dallas | Orthopaedic Surgery | Dallas - You can avail a general appointment with orthopaedic surgeons of Dallas Ortho by calling on (972) 771-8111.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/depuy-hip-recall.html Dr Umar Burney Orthopaedic Surgeon - Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas - Dr Umar Burney was born in Madison , Wisconsin. His parents were both in the teaching profession and they inculcated an importance for learning and education. Living abroad during his high school years , he had the unique opportunity to graduate with a Secondary Education Certification from the University of Cambridge , England. Being a lifelong Badger,
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/umar-burney.html Dr. Umar Burney Dallas | Orthopaedic Surgeon | Sports Medicine Dallas - Dr. Umar Burney is an orthopaedic surgeon in Dallas. He offers various kinds of orthopaedic treatments including arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement etc.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/john-zavala.html Dr. John Zavala | ACL Reconstruction | Knee Arthroplasty Dallas - Dr. John Zavala is a orthopaedic surgeon in Dallas ortho. He performs surgeries like ACL reconstruction, knee arthroplasty, and reverse shoulder reconstruction.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/cesar-sandu.html Dr. Cezar Sandu | ACL Reconstruction | Knee Arthroplasty Dallas - Dr. Cezar Sandu is a orthopaedic surgeon in Dallas ortho. He performs surgeries like ACL reconstruction, knee arthroplasty, and reverse shoulder reconstruction.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/physician-assistants.html Physician Assistant Dallas | General Orthopaedic | Sport Injury Dallas - Physician assistant gives proper care of general orthopaedic for patients. Dallas ortho offers complete orthopaedic care.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/physical-therapist.html Physical Therapist Dallas | Sports Injuries | Manual Therapy Dallas - Physical therapist in Dallas ortho offers best possible physiotherapy treatment to patients suffering from sports injuries or chronic pain.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/staff.html Staff, Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas- General Orthopaedics & Sports Injury Management, Dallas, Texas - Rockwall orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Umar Burney, who has specialized in general orthopaedic surgery including hip knee shoulder joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, fracture care, and sports injury management
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/our-philosophy.html Dr. Umar Burney, Orthopaedic Surgeon - Practice Philosophy, Dallas Texas - Dr. Umar Burney is an orthopaedic surgeon in Rockwall Texas. Watch video, Dr. Umar Burney explains about their services and patient care information
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/photo-gallery.html Dr. Umar Burney, Dallas Orthopaedic Surgeon - Photo Gallery, Texas - Dr. Umar Burney is an orthopaedic surgeon in Rockwall Texas, who has specializes in joint replacement, sports medicine, general orthopaedics. Check orthopaedic photo gallery.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/contact-us.html Contact Us | General Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine | Dallas Ortho - Please feel free to contact us on (972) 771-8111 for any kind of orthopaedic appointment or queries.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/hips.html Hip Surgery Dallas | Total Hip Replacement | Hip Resurfacing Dallas - Hip surgery involves total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, hip arthroscopy etc. Dallas ortho offers treatment for all kinds of hip related disorders.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/knees.html Knee Replacement Dallas | Knee Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Dallas - Dallas ortho offers complete knee care for his patients. Knee arthroscopy, knee arthroplasty, knee replacements are some of the surgeries performed here.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/shoulder.html Shoulder Surgery Dallas | Shoulder Replacement | Shoulder Arthroplasty - Shoulder surgery, shoulder arthroplasty, shoulder replacement, shoulder arthroscopy etc are some services offered in Dallas Ortho.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/foot-ankle.html Foot & Ankle Surgery Dallas | Ankle Arthroscopy | Broken Ankle - Foot & ankle surgery is opted by surgeons of Dallas Ortho. They treat ankle sprains, broken ankle etc.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/joint-replacement-surgery.html Joint Replacement Surgery | Minimal Invasive Joint Replacement Dallas - Orthopaedic surgeons in Dallas Ortho offers joint replacement surgery for patients. Minimally invasive joint replacement surgery is also available here.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/arthroscopic-surgery.html Arthroscopic Surgery Dallas | Knee & Hip Arthroscopy Dallas - Arthroscopic surgery is performed by inserting an arthroscope in the joint. Knee, hip, shoulder & ankle arthroscopic surgery is offered in Dallas Ortho.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/sports-medicine.html Sports Medicine Dallas | Sports Injuries | Overuse Injuries Dallas - Sports injuries are treated by Dallas Ortho. Sports medicines are offered by surgeons in Dallas Ortho & proper care of patients is taken.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/fractures-trauma.html Fractures & Trauma Dallas | Bone Injury | Bone Fracture Dallas - Orthopaedic specialists in Dallas Ortho take care of fractures & trauma. They offer best possible orthopaedic care to their patients.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/patient-testimonials.html Dr. Umar Burney, Orthopaedic Surgeon - Patient Testimonials, Rockwall Texas - Dr. Umar Burney is an orthopaedic surgeon in Rockwall Texas, who has specialized in sports medicine and joint replacement surgery. Navigate to know more on his patient's testimonials
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/surgery-procedure.html Sports Medicine, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Partial & Total Joint Replacements, Rockwall Texas - Total joint replacement and partial joint replacement surgeries are performed by Dr. Umar Burney in Rockwall Texas. Navigate to know more on how to prepare for orthopedic surgery, pre & post operative precautions and result of orthopedic surgeries
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/multimedia.html Hip Knee Anatomy, Hip Resurfacing, Shoulder Impingement &, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Rockwall Texas - Multimedia patient education provides info on hip knee anatomy, knee arthroscopy, hip resurfacing, total & revision hip replacement, ACL reconstruction (patellar tendon, hamstring tendon) and unicondylar knee replacement, Shoulder anatomy and shoulder arthroscopy.
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/links.html Orthopedic Hip Knee Surgeons Links, Rockwall Texas - Orthopaedic Specialists of Dallas - Orthopaedic links, Rockwall Texas - Navigate through the following links to know more on orthopaedic surgeons, hip knee doctors, orthopaedic research institutes, children's conditions, and orthopaedic associations
  • http://www.dallasortho.net/services.html Orthopaedic Surgery Dallas | Sports Medicine | Joint Replacement - Orthopaedic treatment like hip surgery, knee surgery, sports medicine etc are offered by Dallas Ortho.

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