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Dameto Clinics International - Dameto Clinics International stands as the medical institution of reference for Botox and Hair Transplant procedures in Amsterdam. A better you is a

  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/about-us/ About us | Dameto Clinics International - Dameto Clinics International is a medical institution that invests into improving medical practice, research and education, constantly involved in innovation
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/how-we-work/ How we work | Dameto Clinics International - Before every treatment there will be an appointment for consultation. The doctor asks about your needs and expectations. Based on the options you get an honest
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/profhilo/ Profhilo® | Dameto Clinics International - BIOREMODELING A NEW ANTI-AGING APPROACH Bioremodeling is an innovative approach to anti-aging treatments, which acts directly on skin laxity. IBSA, leading
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/botulinum-toxin/ Botulinum Toxin | Dameto Clinics International - What is Botulinum Toxin? Botulinum toxin is a purified toxin and, it blocks the nerve signals from the brain to the muscle, by injecting very tiny amounts into
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/hyaluronic-acid-fillers/ Hyaluronic Acid Fillers | Dameto Clinics International - Looking youthful again! Due to environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution and free radicals as well as the natural ageing process, the skin’s
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/radiesse/ Radiesse ® | Dameto Clinics International - What is Radiesse Dermal Filler? RADIESSE is an injectable for facial folds and wrinkles made of calcium hydroxylapatite a substance compatible with living
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/chemical-peeling/ Chemical Peeling | Dameto Clinics International - What is a chemical peeling? Chemical peeling is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin that is typically performed on the face, neck or hands.
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/daily-skin-care/ Daily Skin Care | Dameto Clinics International - Vit. E Anti-oxydant For dry and sensitive skin, contains vitamin E and Ceramides Indications: Daily moisturizing of hypersensitive skin. Very fluid texture.
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/silhouette-soft/ Silhouette Soft ® | Dameto Clinics International - What is SILHOUETTE SOFT® ? SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a technological innovation offering men and women what no treatment has ever provided in such a simple way: a
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/xl-hair/ XL Hair ® | Dameto Clinics International - Dameto Clinics is the first location in the Netherlands with the revolutionary XL HAIR ® treatment against hair loss. What is XL Hair®? XL Hair® is a new
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/hair-transplant/ Hair Transplant | Dameto Clinics International - Hair Innovation Treatment (HIT) HIT now is the world’s most advanced hair restoration treatment. It is a method that combines the state of the art of hair
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/rrs-ha-injectable/ RRS ® | Dameto Clinics International - New mesotherapy and biorevitalization RRS® products are based on hyaluronic acid and organic silicium, associated with specific biorevitalization solutions.
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/147/ U225 ® | Dameto Clinics International - The French made U225 is the most sophisticated meso injector, the perfect combination of needeling and mesotherapy. The needeling from the U225 provides for
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/preview/255/ Amstelveen | Dameto Clinics International - Dameto Clinics International has several locations where it offers its treatments. The main one is located in Medisch Centrum Annatommie Amstelveen. It is an
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/preview/mallorca/ Mallorca | Dameto Clinics International - Dameto Clinics International visita regularmente la isla de Mallorca. Póngase en contacto con nuestro socio la Clínica Dental Vallespir para reservar una
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/preview/alphen-aan-den-rijn/ Alphen aan den Rijn | Dameto Clinics International - Dameto Clinics monthly offers consultations at a beauty institute situated in the heart of Alphen aan de Rijn. Contact our partner Mooi zo! to book an
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/contact-us/ We Would Like to Hear From You! | Dameto Clinics International - Please fill out this form and click 'Send'. We will contact you as soon as we can. Or give us a ring! Amstelveen +31 20 240
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/slow-age-concept/ Slow Age Concept | Dameto Clinics International - During the aging process there are different changes in the different structures of the face and body. The skin becomes thinner, drier and loses its elasticity.
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/the-dameto-method/ the DAMETO Method | Dameto Clinics International - For many years I have been practicing aesthetic medicine. A large group of patients has come to me during these years and I noticed that there is always one
  • http://www.dametoclinics.com/earlobe-rejuvenation/ EARLOBE REJUVENATION | Dameto Clinics International - Have you noticed that your earlobes aren’t shaped quite as nicely as they once were? Have years of wearing heavy earrings caused them to sag? As many people age

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  • Judy W - Disappointed

    I took this magazine several years ago and missed it. I still miss the magazine had then, the magazine now is not nearly as good in my opinion.

  • Matt Andrus - a must have mod!

    The stock antenna is like 4 feet long, and can be distracting when off-roading, waving all around. I never use the radio, so I got this stubby. I can receive local FM stations, so the radio still works.

  • Jackie Peters - I was very happy to get a key that actually worked for this ...

    I was very happy to get a key that actually worked for this price. Sure beats the $152.00 +$50.00 programing fee from Toyota. My husband and I programed it without any difficulty. Now do you have one like it for a 2013 Toyota Rav4? My friend needs one.

  • Jennifer C. - Nice product, but pricey

    So I'm trying out the healthly lifestyle thing, and I'm completely addicted. Eliminating chemicals is next on my list, so I decided to start with hair care. I heard good things about WEN and decided to try it. WEN looks, feels, smells like my organic Trader Joe's (or most any) conditioner. I have chest-length hair, and I didn't use nearly as much as the WEN bottle recommended. But when I use my Trader Joes conditioner (just conditioner, no shampoo), I get the exact same results as with the WEN shampoo. Great texture, manageable, plenty of volume, great smell. So overall, although I really like the WEN product, I can get the same result with a store-bought organic, sodium-laureth-sulfate-free conditioner.

  • Rebecca Christensen - Felt great!

    A bit of a challenge the first couple of days but enjoyed the rest of the journey. Will continue making the veggie shakes every morning. Really helps you examine how you have been eating.