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  • MsAshley Nichole - I LOVE THE GODFREY BROTHERS!!!

    This series was everything...Mayhem was Bae but I like Ramsey too now he crazy lol..I love the way they love and respect their mother and how she didn't bite her tongue when it came to her boys. I am praying one of the brothers get their own book I need more of them

  • Red Wolf - Good idea, but poorly executed

    It is useful to have an introduction to all six Kindle First books this month in one place before looking at each one separately, but a slightly more revealing email would have done just as well more quickly, or a slightly more detailed preview page. Just having six videos of people speaking is a slower way of conveying information than having the same information written - most of your Kindle customers, being avid readers, almost certainly read faster than most people speak. Even your average fourth grader reads faster silently than most people speak. In addition, some readers will skip the descriptions of some books if they are in written format, knowing that there are categories that are not interesting to them, saving even more time. And some of the presenters need to either learn to keep their hands still or learn more expressive gestures. Just shaking one's hands up and down is meaningless and distracting, like a fidgety toddler. Nice idea, but poor execution. The four stars are for having overviews in one place, which I appreciate, but the execution of the idea is poor.

  • Edward Paolo - Width - arch - ankle support is good

    Width seems good. Arch and ankle support also seems good. A little uncomfortable around the collar of the boot - hope that will abide .