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  • Daniel C. - Love the look, but a bit tight on the fit.

    Its a bit tight when fitting the grill. Also, if you have a winch and upgraded stell bumper, you have to take those out to fit the grill.. just an FYI. My friend bought the grill too and he said there was extra plastic molding and he had to file them off. 6/10 quality.

  • Livvy - Great book to help toddler!

    I love this book and so does my 18 month old toddler! With my toddler on the verge of talking non stop I purchased this book to help him learn some vocabulary in a fun way as he loves when we read together. Each of the words in this book has a photo of the word next to it so the toddler can reference what you are teaching them. This is definitely not a book you would read before bed as there is no story, but it is fun to look at during the day. We even use it to play games, when we get to certain words I will take an actual toy he has that matches and we will play with that so he doesn't associate the book with a negative attitude. I want him to think of this book as fun when I pull it out and not get bored going forward.

  • kwilliams - Great value great price

    My son loves Friday night magic and these have helped him be able to get a good start on his card collection. The price is good compared to the local comic book store. He did get a few rare cards in the package. The box makes a good storage area for the cards during play

  • Emily J Merrick - A mom's best friend!

    Totally impressive! As a very busy stay-at-home mother of four, it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to a cleaning product. My youngest is 15 mos. old and I am convinced he hides crumbs in his pocket just to dump them out into the floor when I am not looking. :-) With multiple cats in the home, young children, and hardwood floors, a vacuum is a very important thing in our home. I was skeptical when I ordered the Linx. I was worried that I'd be disappointed. Wrong! It does a fantastic job of picking up even the heavier crumbs and small pebbles tracked in by the kiddos. It is lightweight enough that I can carry my toddler on my hip and vacuum at the same time. Our home is not huge (about 1440 sq. ft.), so the amount of vacuum time on a single charge works well. If I had a two story home and needed to vacuum daily, I'd probably get one for each floor. I love, love, love the cordless feature. No more tangled up mess and worrying myself over my toddler pulling the plug out of the wall. I was really surprised that the vacuum also does so well on rugs. This busy mom gives the Linx a very enthusiastic 5 star rating!

  • Martha Glantz - Fantastic analysis of 2012 election

    Well researched with inside information. Really provides in-depth picture of the whole campaign cycle. While I knew the outcome I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Well written. Dan Balz is a master.