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Book and Document Salvage, Recovery, Drying, Restoration and Straightening - If you have books, documents, or other materials which have been soaked from a flood, firefighting or other accident, there's good news: Your wet documents and flood-damaged records can be saved

  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/emergency.htm Disaster Response: Water-Damaged Books, Documents and Media - Leave wet documents where they are unless they are in imminent danger of further damage. Every document recovery situation is different. You can actually cause more damage by moving wet papers
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/overview.htm Wet and Water-Damaged Document Recovery Services: Overview - Document Reprocessors has been in the restoration business serving the library and institutional community since 1979. We have recovered millions of books and documents
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/video.htm Book and Document Salvage and Disaster Recovery Informational Video - Join Document Reprocessors for a remarkable look inside our operations. See our Disaster Recovery Teams at work, learn about our patented Thermaline book drying and straightening process
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/ss01.htm Salvaging Wet Books and Documents After a Flood - Floods leave virtually nothing untouched soaking everything in the water's path. Valuable documents books photographs blueprints magnetic media and business archives must all be recovered quickly
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/faq.htm FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Restoring Wet Documents - Where are you located? How do we get materials to your East or West Coast offices? What if I need you here? What does it cost to dry something?
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/business.htm Document Salvage and Recovery Services for Business and Industry - Document Reprocessors is the insurance industry's most-trusted source for salvaging water-damaged materials. We are the document disaster recovery expert and the leader in Vacuum Freeze Drying
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/libraries.htm Book Recovery and Rehabilitation Services for Libraries and Archives - Libraries and institutional archives have used a variety of Document Reprocessors' services to successfully recover and rehabilitate their water-damaged book and document collections
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/government.htm Document Recovery Services for Government Agencies - Government agencies have used the entire spectrum of Document Reprocessors' services to successfully recover and restore their water and fire-damaged documents
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/contact.htm Contact Document Reprocessors - We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an emergency, the fastest and most secure way to contact us is to call our 24 Hour Disaster Line
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/books.htm Salvaging and Drying Wet and Water Damaged Books and Documents - Our Thermaline drying process is effective for wet book and paper document recovery. Salvaging, recovering and drying water-damaged books is usually significantly cheaper than replacing them
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/collections.htm Restoration of Special Collections and Rare Books Including Leather and Vellum - We developed an improved method of removing the water from water-damaged books made with leather and vellum. The objective is to do this with little or no distortion taking place in the covers
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/magmedia.htm Recovering Data From Wet Disks, Tapes, and Water-Damaged Magnetic Media - Wet magnetic media (such as floppy disks tapes and cassettes) pose special problems for successful data recovery. Generally we recover only the stored data itself and transfer it to new storage media
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/blueprints.htm Salvaging Wet Blueprints, Architectural Materials, Maps and Prints - Maps, blueprints and architectural materials pose special challenges. It is important to insure all possible steps are taken to prepare for shipment and recovery
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/microfilm.htm Wet Microfilm and Water-Damaged Microfiche: Drying and Recovery - Wet microfilm and water-soaked microfiche require immediate attention for successful recovery. Film separation and drying must commence within 48 hours
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/photographic.htm Wet Photographs and Images: Salvage, Recovery and Early Response Tips - The following applies to the recovery of 20th century black-and-white photographic and contemporary color materials. These photographic materials require immediate attention
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/tapes.htm Wet Audio and Video Tapes: Salvage, Recovery and Early Response Tips - Sealed magnetic tape media, such as audio and video tapes, require a rapid, specific response. Document Reprocessors can recover audio and video tapes with a minimum of data loss
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/thermaline.htm Thermaline: Vacuum Freeze Drying and Straightening of Wet Books - Thermaline is a vacuum freeze-drying process in which books are restrained from warping and distorting as water is removed
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/salvage.htm Salvage Guide: Document Recovery After a Flood or Fire - We will be able to help you salvage, recover and restore your water-damaged books, documents and other materials. Our technical staff knows what questions to ask
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/contractors.htm Restoration Contractors: Coordinating Recovery Activites - Document Reprocessors will team together with restoration contractors to help provide the best service and best meet the needs of our customers
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/practice.htm Wet Book Disaster Practice Events: Planning for Catastrophe - Assistance With Disaster Practice Events. Many disaster response teams in libraries these days are practicing their plan by staging a mock wet book disaster
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/credentials.htm Document Reprocessors: Past Projects and Credentials - Document Reprocessors is the company of choice for the Library of Congress, major businesses and private and government agencies. We fully appreciates the impact of the absence of irreplaceable materials such as books, documents and data
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/titanic01.htm Restoring Smoke and Water-Damaged Records X-Rays and Documents from RMS Titanic - Researchers who salvaged documents, ticket stubs and photos from the RMS Titanic sought out this Rushville company
  • http://www.documentreprocessors.com/titanic02.htm A Look Inside Titanic: Document Reprocessors Restores Artifacts From Famous Ship - The Titanic artifacts were treated in a cryogenic chamber. A mathematics book retrieved from the RMS Titanic is among the artifacts restored by Document Reprocessors

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  • Daniel - ... have had several external batteries that have not been great to have

    I have had several external batteries that have not been great to have. They are lightweight and portable but often seem to fake charge my phone or only charge it to about 30% and no more than that. This external battery blows all of those out of the water!!!

  • Geeta Galaway - Not impressed

    So cheap you won't want to return it when it doesn't pass the tissue test. Glad I didn't use it for my phone. It would have ruined it. I put my keys inside of a zip lock bag inside of it and that worked. I put cash and cards in there. Good thing they don't need to be saved from water. This product isn't any better than using ziplock bags. But instead has a necklace which is handy while wearing a swim suit only. But don't count on it saving your electronics.

  • Caleb Lawson - I Love this volumes!

    It picks up where the movies, tv show, and video game left off putting them altogether into four amazing and awesome volumes can't wait for volume 1 for the new ghostbusters story!

  • David A. Cook - Great bag!

    Lightweight, easy to carry, lots of space, great bag! I did order a replacement padded shoulder pad - but that's a personal choice.

  • IloveLucy - Happy would-be parents

    It was a gift for soon would-be parents. They are very happy with the shipment and the product itself.