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  • Kathleen - A once great franchise....ruined.

    Items are terrible, skill runes are terrible, economy is terrible. Botters have been exploiting the game via gold farming since day one. Trade scams are rampant. Blizzard has addressed almost nothing to this point except fine tuning the RMAH to line their pockets (although they did manage to nerf a popular attack speed stat and hotfix an invulnerable wizard bug that the community used for six weeks before the designers had a clue). This game is an embarrassment to the series. The original Blizzard North ascended to greatness listening to the people playing their games; this version tells people how to have fun, acts almost as immaturely as the pi$ed off kids on their forums and continues to ignore major design flaws. No pandas for me.

  • Jenifer L Fioroni - Text for Class

    I needed this book for school. I am glad to purchase the version with rings. I only wish I had known that I only needed volumes one and two.

  • Dave Shriver - Dissapointing

    I really wanted to like this product, but it's just not a feasible solution for anything. It has absolutely no durability. It literally comes off under a running faucet even after following directions to a T. It does repel stuff for a few minutes until it wears off.

  • bigcountrync - Excellent

    Good fit on my 2015 Charger 5.7L, better than the K&N, don't even go that route!!! Mopar for life!!! Fast shipment from seller being in Europe!!!

  • Tiffany - Very nice stroller esp. for the price!

    I needed a stroller that has the ability to sit the child up as straight as possible. We originally had the Chicco Cortina that came with the KeyFit car seat. My son has never looked comfortable or happy in the stroller so I tried to find something that sits him more upright. This is a winner! He looks very comfortable and is much more content in the Joovy. The canopy is huge but I wish they added another see through window at the bottom for when the canopy is fully extended. The wheels are very quiet and smooth. I like the adjustability of the handle bar. My only major wish is that it could be put together and collapsed with one hand like the Chicco. Overall, it was a great purchase for an awesome price! No regrets about the purchase, but hope that Joovy will consider some small improvements.

  • Ellie - Very good, has a pleasant citrus smell at first

    Very good, has a pleasant citrus smell at first, but that old familiar fake tan odor sneaks thru. It does streak and leave blotches if you don't blend well. The color was very natural looking. I have very fair Irish skin

  • Roni - Amazing Product!

    I have to admit I was skeptical about this product. I have tried so many other products to prevent hair from going down the drain and they never work. I was very happy to find this product worked exactly as described. It is easy to install and really does keep the hair from going down the drain. The hair is very easy to remove unlike some other products. I highly recommend this product if you are having problems with clogged drains or slow drains due to hair loss.