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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth rhinoplasty expert - Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Randal Haworth is a facelift expert, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty specialist located in the Los Angeles area.

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    We got this one for our 3yo (because her big sis got one for her 5th birthday). I wasn't sure about getting one for her since the age for this toy stated 4&up. Although a couple of things are beyond her years, there are plenty of things that are not. She's pretty rough on it, and has even stood on it and dropped it. It's still working perfectly. She is VERY happy with it, and we love the educational value of it. It's wonderful for long trips and waiting rooms. They love being able to take photos and videos, and personalizing it. In times when they may squabble over other toys, I can tell them "go to your LeapPads" and they will play nicely and forget about whatever they were getting agitated about. (My Mom told me that these were the best things we EVER got for them! I agree!)