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Dr. John McDonald, MD - Austin, TX Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - If the pain in your hip, knee, or shoulder is holding you back, then it’s time to call Dr. McDonald today in Austin, Texas

  • http://www.drjohnmcdonald.com/ShoulderConditions Shoulder Surgeon Austin, TX | Dr. John McDonald - Dr. McDonald welcomes patients with shoulder pain in three Texas Orthopedics locations: Central, South, and Northwest Austin.
  • http://www.drjohnmcdonald.com/HipConditions Hip Surgeon Austin, TX | Dr. John McDonald - If you’re experiencing pain and stiffness in your hip joint, there is no better place to go in Austin than Texas Orthopedics, Dr. John McDonald.
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  • http://www.drjohnmcdonald.com/ShoulderTreatments Shoulder Pain Treatments Austin, TX | Dr. John McDonald, MD - For expert treatment of your shoulder condition, we encourage you to meet with Dr. John McDonald of Texas Orthopedics.
  • http://www.drjohnmcdonald.com/HipTreatments Hip Pain Treatments Austin, TX | Dr. John McDonald - For expert treatment of your hip condition, we encourage you to meet with Dr. John McDonald of Texas Orthopedics.
  • http://www.drjohnmcdonald.com/KneeTreatments Knee Pain Treatments Austin, TX | Dr. John McDonald - For expert treatment of your knee condition, we encourage you to meet with Dr. John McDonald of Texas Orthopedics.
  • http://www.drjohnmcdonald.com/PRPandStemCells PRP and Stem Cells Treatment Austin, TX | Dr. John McDonald, MD - Learn more about PRP and stell cell therapy available for the treatment of effective pain relief.
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