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Psychotherapy Help, Dr Hoving, Aurora, CO - Dr Hoving assists individuals dealing with DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, PTSD, and CHRONIC PAIN/ILLNESS. Aurora, CO. Online therapy available. Free initial 45 min consultation.

  • http://www.drkahoving.com/anxiety/ Psychotherapy for Anxiety Dr Hoving, Aurora, CO - Therapy for Anxiety, panic disorders, generalized anxiety. Hypnosis, relaxation, mindfulness, medication referrals. Skype therapy available.
  • http://www.drkahoving.com/blog/ Psychotherapy, Dr Hoving, Aurora,CO - Psychotherapy Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Illness/Pain, 80015, Dr Karen Hoving, Aurora, CODealing with the PAIN in your life. Free Consultation.
  • http://www.drkahoving.com/what-is-an-hsp-and-is-that-me/ HSP:Highly Sensitive People. Criteria, how to know if this is you, what is HSP? - Highly Sensitive People- this is a summary of an article written by Dr Elaine Aaron. The original article discusses 6 symptoms of HSP, other articles give information that might help you to feel less "crazy" and more intuitive and fascinating. Most HSP's work hard not to become flooded with bad decisions, but it does take a while to reach those amazing brilliant decisions- but know, once you reach it it will be a perfect nugget of intuition and brilliance. So breathe, and it will will come.

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  • David - Issue with the keys

    I have returned this piano multiple times once I bought it. Each new piano I get has a few keys that make extra noise when played. It's almost like something is loose, because it makes the sound when the piano is off. I'm extremely disappointed with my purchase and will not be attempting to buy another one.

  • tammy matthews - great product

    we need these for our skeetervacs so we can enjoy the outdoors in maine way to many black flies in june