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Philip L. Leggett, MD - General and Laparoendoscopic Surgery - Philip L. Leggett, M.D., a board certified general and laparoendoscopic surgeon, is well-recognized and has published extensively in medical journals detailing his innovative surgical techniques.

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  • Jonathan Seda - Almost perfect for distance runners

    I've run thousands of miles in my lifetime but a meniscus tear several years ago effectively put an end to my dreams on running into old age. I've also cycled for cross training, rolling over countless miles but I've always preferred to run. While doing physical therapy recovering from knee surgery, I was put on an elliptical and I remember thinking how very much like running is was. I looked forward to those therapy sessions, just to get on that elliptical. So, tiring of cycling as my lone form of aerobic exercise, I recently decided to get an elliptical trainer. I did extensive research and decided on the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer (2009 Model). I've had it for three weeks. It's wonderfully solid and it's a smooth machine! However, my single complaint is that when standing on the elliptical, one's weight is thrown forward. If the elliptical was designed with runners in mind then the assumption was that runners run on the balls of their feet. This is true for sprinters but not for distance runners, who pretty much universally, run heel-to-toe (we strike the ground with our heels then roll forward pushing off with the front of the foot). I'm up to one hour workouts but the frustrating thing is that I can't lean back in my stride for that comfortable long run. Every time I try to lean back I'm forced forward and my quads are required to do work I never needed on those 8 mile runs I so loved to take. The odd thing is that the pedals are adjustable. The heel can be raised by 10 degrees so, while they were at it, why didn't they allow those of us who would prefer it, to be able to lower the back of the pedal so as to adjust it to our running style? I'm quite mystified by this and I'm hoping the good folk at Sole read these reviews and will take the opinion of this old runner to heart and make future models with a greater adjustment range for their pedals ... please?

  • DOROTHY R SANGALLO - Awesome product for tattoo healing!!!

    Best product for healing up your tattoo. Using just a little bit, two times per day heals a tattoo perfectly. I pay $20 for a bottle this size at my tattoo studio. Also, my dog scratched me in the face, and I used After Inked on the scratch and I feel like the scratch healed faster. I love this product because it's like putting regular lotion on. It's not greasy at all, and my hands dry quickly after application. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for people with new tattoos because it doesn't mess up your clothing at all, it's comfortable, and it works!