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  • B. Judd - doesn't work

    My husband tryed this for 30 days but it didn't work. So I called about sending it back but it was not possible since it was used. So how do you know if it works if you don't use it?

  • R. Wilson - I LOVE Cutco!

    THANK YOU, CUTCO! Here's my story: In 1957, I was 18 years old, just moved into an apartment and just started my first job. Soon after moving in, I bought a set of CUTCO knives and kitchen tools from a door-to-door salesman, paid for over 3 months with my first paychecks. Over the years several pieces were damaged, with handles burned or tips broken, and were in need of sharpening. In addition, I had lost my 2 favorite knives when household help threw them out by mistake. Now, 57 years later, I found out that I could call a number and have someone come to the house and sharpen the ones I had left. When he came, he did a great job, and then he sold me the 2 missing pieces. BUT, BEST OF ALL! He told me how to send the damaged pieces in for repair. Today, I received the box by return mail, and when I opened it, all 7 pieces had been replaced with brand new knives! CUTCO! I love you! Thank you!

  • M. Dunlap - Download Was Perfect

    I was upgrading my Quicken from an older version due to my recent switch to WIndows 8 and a new laptop computer. It seems that many laptops today do not include an internal CD/DVD player and this was perfect since I could download it directly from Amazon.

  • K. Mewes - The Dome Broke on My Nuwave Too

    The dome on my Nuwave oven cracked after just a few months use. It's so bad now, I have to replace it. My friend (who recommended the Nuwave oven) also had to replace his dome. I just went to the Nuwave website to order a new "Wonder" dome and saw that the price was $50 (!!), which I probably would have paid reluctantly, but they were out of stock. That was the only item on their website that was "out of stock, " so that should give you an idea of how widespread the "cracking dome problem" really is. There are hundreds of complaints on the web about the dome cracking. Moreover, there are people that have replaced their dome 2-3 times! The Nuwave oven cooks great but the total cost of ownership over (say 5 years) must be sky high, virtually eliminating any of the purported cost savings realized by not using a conventional oven, which usually last for decades!