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  • K. Goodwin - Still waiting

    I have been taking this product for two months on the recommendation of my doctor. I have been having major gastrointestinal problems over the past year and a half and I have tried every diet, medication and procedure you can think of to try and diagnose and eliminate the problem. Align is sort of a last ditch effort. Oddly enough, I feel better overall (more energy, less anxiety over my symptoms, etc.) but the actual gastrointestinal upsets haven't gone away, although they may have lessened in severity. I'm going to give Align one more month and then go off it to see if my improvements are due to the probiotics or something else.

  • VenomGT-R - Amazing little robot, this has that spark that every other "robot-toy" has been missing!

    My daughter, wife and I are having a blast with "him." It is really cool when this little thing turns around and examines your face then burps out your name, specially when we are all looking at it and can tell the difference. If you ignore it for a little it goes about and plays with its blocks which is actually interesting because it feels organic as it "oohs" and "wows" about my table top. My daughter likes to put it on it back and watch it flip over, lift him and watch him freak out; the animations are what is most captivating. The app felt a little incomplete and set up is a bit awkward particularly while I figured out which device we rather play it on, its kinda cool that the settings and learned behaviors carry between devices but not the recognized faces, so far my iPad seems to be the preferred device to play it on as it gets used the least and has a big screen which makes it easier for my daughter. This gadget feels very promising, particularly interacting with other cosmos, something about and how it does not feel plastic-pre-programmed (although is all pre-prog lol).

  • sgbetty - mesmerizing

    Slow reader that I am, I quickly decide whether or not to read a book based on the first few sentences. I was instantly hooked on A Short Time to Stay Here. Outstanding writing combined with a fascinating, historical topic kept me mesmerized as I went on this dream like journey with Steven Robbins. Highly recommended.

  • Neem - Best Solution for Insect Pests

    I have used diatomaceous food grade earth for several years now. The first time I used it I bought a huge bag and that really last me a long time, I raised dogs and the neighbors put in new sod which apparently was tick infested. It was through my dogs and the kennel and my house and total grounds within a week. What to use that wouldn't poison my dogs? I searched the web and found this solution. You can eat is and it won't hurt you. It's used as a food additive for cattle ranchers to improve the cattle's health. I used a spreader and spread it all over the lawn, rubbed it into the dogs coats and air blasted it into every crevice of the house I could find. I put it down directly on the kennel floor. It took several days to show a response, but thereafter the ticks continued to diminish until they were totally gone and a couple of months. It was an absolutely terrible experience. Since then I have used it regularly for pest problems as a preventive measure. Put is all around the edge of your house to keep roaches and ants away. Use is for fire ant hills. Spread it on your lawn and garden to keep every insect under control including fleas if you have pets. It is absolutely great. But don't think that you can substitute cheaper DE from the pool supplier. It's not the same thing, won't work and can hurt your pets if it is ingested.