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  • Joann - The chair came in good shape. Only problem is one of the bands ...

    The chair came in good shape. Only problem is one of the bands is not as tight as it should be, Not sure if the bands can be made tighter I have tried but so far I cannot. Did not want to return to big and to much trouble to return. Do wish their was more excise for the legs.

  • Nicole Langone - Now with Pm I fall asleep within a half hour and get good solid sleep

    Prior to trying master brain pm I would average about 4/5 hrs of restless sleep a night, this was after laying in bed from 12-5am wide awake. Now with Pm I fall asleep within a half hour and get good solid sleep. As for the Am I decided my lovely girlfriend needed the help more than me😘. It's blown me away at the increase of her memory and overall mental performance leading to more fights😡. I no longer have the mental advantage, and she gets me all the time😂😂. Thank you for allowing us to sleep better and have a smarter more witty girlfriend!!!

  • conor spiridopoulos - Best work to date

    Gagas best album to date. So authentic and raw. Diamond Heart has a nice folk rock fringe to it. Hey Girl with Florence Welch reminds me of a popular 70s pop song. Million Reasons is raw and beautiful, one of her best. Grigio Girls is so much fun and hard to not want to listen to it all day long. Overall it's Gagas best work to date.

  • Casey Dobiesz - Great Guide for Finding Your Footing

    This book served as a great guide over a variety of areas for my stay in Hong Kong. The food recommendations were absolutely amazing and my hotel had a fantastic view for a great price. I was able to hike, see all the sites, and get around with ease following the directions from the guide book. I highly recommend this guide book to anyone traveling there regardless of whether this is your 1st trip or 50th.

  • John Wyatt - Another great fast paced thriller.

    Family values are put to the test in Bobby's latest novel. The Ryman's continue their journey in a world that is forever changed. I loved this fast paced story. I constantly found myself wondering what my family would do if we were put into this situation. Plenty of plot twists and turns. Plenty of action. And plenty of late night reading sessions.

  • Sang So Nam - It's a fine book for those peole of South Korea and Japan who are concerned of the North Korea's nuclear threat.

    The author Cresson Kearny has truly given what I wanted to know; how to survive when North Korea fires nuclear bombs into the Metropolis of Seoul, South Korea. It's well detailed yet easy to understand by laymen. The myths and facts about the dangers from nuclear weapons in the Chapter 1, page 3, are fine advisory information about nuclear weapons.