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  • Neil Kimber - Odd, yet incrediubly useful reference

    When you are lacking inspiration for detailing the successes or failures of your direct reports this handy reference book provides a vast library of useful phrases that can be used on performance appraisals. The phrases are nicely organised into key competencies with 3 levels (exceeds, meets, does not meet) of grading. Each competency also has listed a number of key verbs and nouns.

  • Rotti - Great waterproof light weight jacket at a good price

    Great waterproof light weight jacket at a good price. Was used during three days of steady rain and no leaks.

  • Anthony L Lyle - Battery indicator is nice works great

    Battery indicator is nice works great. They could however put in some instructions on what the indicators indicate when they are blinking. I had to call the manufacturer to figure out what the blinking was about.

  • Abdul Islam - Review of Test Freak

    I felt the effects of this when I was lifting, both in power and endurance. This is the second go-round for trying this product, and both times I liked the effect of it. I have tried other Test-related products such as Real Test, GF-9, even Force FActor's Test product, none were as good as this one. Abdul Islam

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect texture for griping

    This mouse is incredible. Everything I could want. Perfect texture for griping. Effortlessly lifted. All of the clicks have perfect tactility and side buttons are in the perfect location to tap where my thumb wrests in a half claw grip.

  • ReviewJunkie - This eye cream is very cool - not only the natural ingredients but also the sleek style of the bottle itself! Love it!

    I bought this eye cream for my friend who is insecure about the aging process and loves to use natural products to slow things down a bit. The packaging and style of the bottle itself is so cool and looks amazing on the counter top. She was very excited and we were both impressed with the ingredients and sleek look! Thank you you for making such a cool eye cream! I was blessed to be able to receive a promo code for this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback and review. I rely heavily on Amazon reviews when making my purchasing choices, so as someone who is already an honest person that takes reviews seriously, I am going to stay as genuine as possible. I have not been paid for my review, but only given an opportunity to receive it at a discount to be able to test the product and tell the Amazon community how I like it. I am free to leave negative or positive feedback. I am leaving positive feedback because I truly do like this product. Anything negative or constructive I may say is for the purpose of alerting the company to hopefully make changes as more and more bring certain issues to their attention. I hope this review helps make your purchasing decision. If so, please hit YES so I know I am doing an effective job! God bless!

  • Steven T. Cohen - A great brush with a great feel

    Imported from Portugal and in my shave den in New York in five days. A great brush with a great feel. Works up an excellent lather and goes on smooth. Great wooden handle. Easy to grip and works on the face so well. Highly recommended.