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Welcome to the Edinburgh Branch of Parkinson's UK - The Edinburgh Branch of Parkinson's UK aims to help people with Parkinson's, their families and friends in Edinburgh and Lothians by providing opportunities for members to meet, share experience and support each other, information about health and lifestyle issues, and group activities.

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  • Christine Smith - Moosh shampoo

    Have only used it once so far but I liked the way it cleaned my dog. I have a dog who is always oily feeling and it seemed to get him clean. I like the feel of it and the smell. I think it is a pretty good product.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Video, But...

    I selected this video camera for my truck because of its specifications and stated features. Like all the other reviews here have repeated, the video quality is great. I love the 170 degree angle of view. BUT, setting this thing up was frustrating:

  • M.Yorke - The coconut shampoo both smells and hydrates better than this conditioner

    Not really nourishing. The coconut shampoo both smells and hydrates better than this conditioner. I have never used a conditioner that tangled my hair like this one does. Will not recommend to friends, however I LOVE OGX products, so this was a disappointment, I will stick to my normal OGX conditioner and shampoo

  • Anonymous - The cure!!!!!!!!!!

    Couldn't be more happy with this product!!!!! This is probably TMI, but I've been struggling with excessive discharge ever since puberty hit. I'm 27....However, I originally bought the product because I've been experiencing a strong "fishy" odor. It was getting worse and worse, and had been making me feel extremely self conscious when being intimate with my boyfriend. I also felt like everyone I sat next to, or even walked by, could smell the odor. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't afford to go to the doctor, as I am currently unemployed. So, I orders Rephresh Pro-B. Shortly after ordering it, and reading more and more information and reviews, I realized that I should've bought the Rephresh Gel. But, I figured what the heck, why not try it anyway. I was desperate. Well, what do ya know!! It's been about 5 days since I've been taking them, and the odor is COMPLETELY gone!!!! And bonus, I've had a lot less discharge than usual! I haven't felt this comfortable in a long time. If you're thinking about buying this product, do it! And if it doesn't work, you've only wasted $19. Which is probably nothing compared to what you already have, or might spend, trying to find a cure for yourself. It's absolutely worth it!!!!

  • Ricky Slaughter - Seems Perfect! Easy Peasy Install, Ice and Water Working, Now!

    This was a super-simple install and was immediately effective. I didn't realize how simple it was, I kept looking for retainer screws or a plastic latch, but there was nothing. A simple *push* in and release; it pops out, didn't even have to turn off the water supply. *Push* the new one in and you're done! Suddenly, the water dispenser started working and the ice 'cubes' are no longer hollowed out canoes, they are now fully formed.