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  • Robert E. Yedowitz Sr. - Outstanding product!

    I first saw this product 2 years ago in my local Costco. I stoped, read the label and walked away. In the spring of 2011, I noticed a lot of moss, lichenes and mold growing on the roof of my home. I attributed it to the large amount of snow we had this past winter. Once again while shopping in Costco, I saw a display of the product. This time I purchased it and a couple of weeks later applied it to my roof and to an area of vinyl siding that was covered with algae. I followed the label mixing directions, wore nitrile gloves when applying the product and throughly covered the area being treated.

  • Katherine Duenas - ... it for my parents and they said is very good, their health is been improbing in general

    I buy it for my parents and they said is very good, their health is been improbing in general, no knee pains any more And no flu often

  • nick - ... the week end and it is oh well to bad. If you download there trial it is there ...

    Est nod32 has no customer service what so ever on weekends not sure what happen but with no tech service I think they have been hacked as of 12/12/15 i am done with them the only time I have needed them is on the week end and it is oh well to bad . If you download there trial it is there but like I said to bad your are not protected . So it might work for you monday through friday but pray you do not need it on the weekend .

  • Jewelz - Great product, been using for YEARS

    This product is amazing and wonderful! I have seen massive improvements since using this product along with ALL natural hair products. Stay away from the harsh chemical shampoos, they are no good for your hair at any age! Since I used this product and after many months (you have to give products like this TIME). My nails started growing like crazy, my hair is the longest it's been in 10 years. My nails are not weak or frail anymore either. I swear by this product and highly recommend. Please remember though, you must give this product time to work as your hair has a resting phase and a growing phase. So it's important to give it time to catch up. I am 45 and my hair looks like it did in my 20's. I have been taking this product now for at least 3 years, maybe 4 and it does not work overnight, but it DOES work! It's worth every penny and I notice a difference when I do not remember to take it.

  • Trym Torson - Out of this world squatting intensity, but with a couple side issues

    Bought this machine a long time ago to give myself extra motivation for a comeback. After years and years (and years) of gruelling physiotherapy, harrowing chiropractics and flesh-grinding massage sessions, my knees, back, shoulders etc. finally had improved enough that I'd give it a try.

  • Reader - The best water conditioner - 500ml is enough for almost 2 years for a 55 gallon tank

    Like so many other reviewers here, I would like to add my vote for this as the best water conditioner available. A little bottle will last you a long time, even if have a big tank and do lots of water changes. This 500 ml bottle is enough to treat a 55 gallon tank that gets weekly 20-30% water changes for nearly two years. If you have a 20 gallon tank or something smaller, you might do better to just get the