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  • Linda L. Pence - Don't buy it.

    I have been using Intuit's Quickbooks since the mid 1990's for both for our retail business and for a manufacturing business. At first I loved Quickbooks. Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to learn.

  • jackie allison - A lovely second skin

    This is the BEST foundation I have ever worn. When ordering; order a darker color than you would normally wear and the color will be perfect for you. It is very creamy and light feeling on your face. Wears all day BEAUTIFULLY! Easy on and easy off with your favorite cleansing lotion. No clogged pores. GREAT!

  • AndyB - Rip off

    I bought this 12 months ago. Today when I started my PC I got a message that said there was some kind of error and directed me to a Microsoft site to repair. Yes it was a genuine MS site and not bogus. I was required to run a "Fix It" program, and the supporting text said that the "fix it" would un-install the software and then I could re-install it. And yes indeed the "fix it" did un-install - but when it came to re-install the programme said that I did not have a valid licence. So basically I now have to buy it again if I want it. What a set of bandits! Buy it and then 12 months later you have to buy it again!!!

  • D. roberts - great product

    I love this product, really works wonders on my hair and smells great! I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Meimnot - Perfect gift for a man who has everything

    I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. My boyfriend always complained he could never keep his beard even on both sides. I saw this and had to get it for him. He was extremely excited about it, he didn't think anyone actually made these. The item shipped quickly with amazon prime. Came in a small handy box, perfect to keep for storing it. It's very easy to use. Makes keeping your beard even on both sides a breeze. It's also flexible but not at all flimsy. Feels like it will hold up for a long time. I would recommend purchasing this item for yourself or for a significant other. It's definitely one of those items you don't think you need but you do.

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    (DISCLAIMER) The epic journey I'm about to take you on will be that which no mere mortal can withstand. You see, one does not choose The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt; it is The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt that chooses you. The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt does not bestow its magical and unprecedented powers to just anyone. One must earn the right. One can earn the right if and ONLY if: in your lifetime you have continually walked the righteous path that only the noblest of gentleman have taken; If your soul is purer than any diamond known to man; if you're willing to protect its mysterious and supernatural secrets; if you're willing to undertake the enormous responsibility one must endure with all its immense power; and if you're willing to pay the $15.99 plus shipping and handling.