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EXTRÊME LIMITE | KLIM | GOPRO | 509 | - Equipement pour moto neige avec klimquebec   distributeur en équipement moto neige de plusieurs marques et d’accessoires de sport. Le spécialiste de l’équipement pour moto neige au Québec

Country:, North America, CA

City: -72.6667 Quebec, Canada

  • Eduardo - i guess it does something, but it wasn't good for me

    i had the check engine light on...code saying the catalytic converter was dead...tried this but nothing happened...in the end my cat was dead because it had poisoning due to an additive put into the gas..mgn or something like that...characterized by orange rusting

  • Tiffanee Wylie - His brat, his kitten

    Max is blackmailed into getting married to a woman, Annabel, he hates by his parents. He spends his last night of freedom out at a bar and meets an eighteen year-old woman who he connections with. This young woman turns out to be Lola Grace and the daughter of Annabel. Lola Grace is a college student studying art history who despite having a horrible mother and a dead abusive first step father is a very mature eighteen year-old. I really liked this book however don't forget the warning this is a DARK book so if that isn't your thing please take that into consideration. There are a few things I didn't like so much but understood like the indecision of Max and his will power to do what he wanted. I didn't like Lola Grace's decisions to just give into whatever everyone wanted of her. There was quite a bit of this book I loved though so it just balanced everything out. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.