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Family Veterinary - Veterinarians serving Port Angeles, WA - Home - We treat your pets like our own, we see dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, birds, and even fish! We provide medical care, surgery, dentistry, xrays, and ultrasound.

  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/about-us.pml Family Veterinary Clinic is committed to client communication. - We emphasize client education and communication and serve PA, Sequim, Forks, Port Townsend, Carlsborg, Agnew, and surrounding areas. We treat your pets like our own family!
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/our-doctors.pml Our Doctors - Family Veterinary Clinic is a full service veterinary practice in Port Angeles, WA specializing in small animal health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in Veterinary Medical animal pet health care in a professional, friendly, relaxed setting.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/services.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Services - We provide medical, dentals amd nutritional and behavioral advice and offer specialized services like boarding, hospice, housecalls. microchipping, and preventive care.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/puppy-and-kitten-care.pml Puppy and Kitten Care- Family Vet In Port Angeles, WA - We love puppies and kittens and are eager to share what we know about their care, vaccines, deworming and behavioral tips to make them the best healthiest pets ever!
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/nutritional-counseling.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles WA Nutritional Counseling - We can consult about which food is best for your pet's stage of life, kidney or liver diseases and food intolerance or food allergies.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/dermatology.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Dermatology - We like to keep your pet looking great and skin problems are very common especially here in the pacific Northwest. Skin infections and fleas are very common. Ticks are rare.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/behavioral-medicine.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Behavior Consult - Poorly behaved pets are a common reason pets are abandoned. We love to talk behavior and can help advise you on undesirable behaviors of your pet.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/vaccinations-and-preventive-care.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Vaccines Preventive Care - Rabies was found in a bat in the area of Lake Crescent near Joyce WA in 2014. Rabies vaccines are essential and required by Clallam county and State law for all cats and dogs.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/surgical-servcies-spay-neuter.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles WA Surgical Services - We provide surgical services to the pets of Port Angeles, Sequim, Forks, Joyce and Agnew. We most commonly remove tumors, do cosmetic surgeries, and spays and neuters.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/anesthesia.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Anesthesia - We use isoflurane anesthesia for most of our anesthetic procedures. Any anxious behaviors can be relieved with a completely reversible agent for short stay procedures.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/flea-and-tick-parasite-control.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Flea/Tick/Parasites - Flea and tick control are a must in the pacific Northwest and especially on the Olympic peninsula. We have several products that can help keep your pets free of parasites.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/emergency-care.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Emergency Care - Emergency Care is available 24 hours a day 365 days per year. We are in a call sharing arrangement w 3 other clinics to enable us to provide this valuable service.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/electrocardiography-services-and-internal-medicine-consults.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Cardiology / Internal Med - Basic cardiac workups available in house with chest xrays, blood pressure and EKG. On tough cases we refer to diplomates in internal medicine, neurology, and cardiology.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/dentistry.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, WA Dentistry - Our veterinary technician is highly skilled and experienced in dental cleanings. He has more than 25 years experience! He can get your pet's teeth sparkling in no time!
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/housecalls-and-hospice.pml Family Veterinary Clinic- Port Angeles, Wa Housecalls / Hospice - For client convenience and anxious pet's sake we offer housecalls and hospice care. We can come to you for annual exams, vaccines, and perform limited procedures in your home.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/pet-library.pml Pet Library - Family Veterinary clinic provides a link to reliable veterinary information for our clients. This is a site written by veterinarians who are specialists in each field.
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/forms.pml Forms- easy registration and records transfers - We love to keep good records and getting them from your previous vet is great before your visit. Speed regstration by submitting client info form before your visit
  • http://www.familyvetwa.com/other-features.pml Other Features- testimonials, coupons, specials, employment - Employment, testimonials, coupons, specials, reviews, calendar and spread the word about Family Veterinary Clinic, Port Angeles, WA

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