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FDASmart Inc. delivers US FDA pharmaceutical regulatory compliant,GMP Services, GCP Training - US FDA Registration - GCP Consulting & Trainging, Services for Sourcing APIs Generics & OTC from India,fda consultants in india, US New Drug Establishment

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  • Mr. Robert J. Engan Jr. - Cross platform security one stop shop

    Got this as it is cross platform and all inclusive. This covers home , lap, and mobile. At first it was a bit balky and required some corrections but works well now. Very seamless and relatively transparent, not terribly noticeable with low " drag ", on most programs above all very low maintenance, not requiring a lot of tedious interaction to use and keep.

  • Heather Miller - It seems to work well!

    After receiving this product, I was hesitant to even try it. It said not to mix with caffeine and I usually drink 1 energy drink per day. I decided to forego the energy drink and tried this instead. It seems to work well! I had energy to work out and then go to work and push through work. I don't think I will take more than 1 per day though. There didn't seem to be a crash, so I felt comfortable when evening came and I was ready for bed. Overall, pretty good. Time will tell if it makes a difference on my body. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • Amber - Easy to drink!

    Easy to drink - there is no vitamin-y taste (it actually has very little taste, if anything it's slightly sweet). I've added it to juice and smoothies but most often drink it with just water. I've recommended this product to several friends who are TTC - fingers crossed for us all! :-)

  • Carlos Diaz - Got rid of Gingivitis

    I had really bad breath due to some gingivitis. My dentist told me about this product. It's definitely on the expensive side so I don't think I would use it on a regular basis. But if you've got some nasty breath going on, this should fix that in about a week or two. Nothing else comes close when it comes to effectiveness - even the purple 'Battery acid' Listerine that so many people love.

  • Stephanie Sakai - started out fine, now only one connects to anyone's device

    got mine about 5 weeks ago. started out fine, now only one connects to anyone's device. so dissapointed