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Florida Mesothelioma Attorney | The Ferraro Law Firm - Our Florida trial lawyers have recovered billions of dollars. We're one of the top five asbestos litigation firms in the nation. Call The Ferraro Law Firm today!

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  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/james-l-ferraro/ James L. Ferraro | Mesothelioma Attorney in Florida - James L. Ferraro is an experienced Florida personal injury and mesothelioma attorney who has been instrumental in recovering tens of millions of dollars for clients.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/david-a-jagolinzer/ David A. Jagolinzer | Florida Mesothelioma Attorneys - David A. Jagolinzer is an accomplished attorney with a list of accolades for his work as a Florida asbestos lawyer. He is a shareholder in The Ferraro Law Firm
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/juan-p-bauta/ Juan P. Bauta | Mesothelioma Attorney in Florida - Juan P. Bauta is a board-certified trial attorney in Miami, Florida. Call The Ferraro Law Firm for a free consultation with our nationally leading firm.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/allan-b-kaiser/ Attorney Allan B. Kaiser | Trial Lawyer in Florida - Allan B. Kaiser is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Call a Florida trial attorney at The Ferraro Law Firm.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/marc-p-kunen/ Marc P. Kunen | Mesothelioma Attorney in Florida - An accomplished Florida asbestos and personal injury lawyer, Marc P. Kunen has achieved substantial case results on behalf of the team at The Ferraro Law Firm.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/gregory-s-lynam/ Gregory S. Lynam | Florida Tax Lawyer - Gregory S. Lynam is a Florida tax whistleblower attorney at The Ferraro Law Firm with an award-winning pro bono practice and a reputation for excellence in tax law.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/scott-a-knott/ Scott A. Knott | Florida Tax Whistleblower Attorney - Scott A. Knott is an accomplished Florida tax whistleblower attorney who has focused his career on tax claims. Find out more about the team at The Ferraro Law Firm!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/erica-l-brady/ Erica L. Brady | Florida Tax Whistleblower Attorney - Miami Tax Whistleblower Attorney Erica L. Brady at The Ferraro Law Firm has extensive experience in domestic and international tax matters. Call our Florida firm!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/janpaul-portal/ Janpaul Portal | Florida Personal Injury Lawyer - Janpaul Portal is a highly-rated Florida personal injury attorney at The Ferraro Law Firm, named a Top Up and Comer by the South Florida Legal Guide.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/james-l-ferraro-jr-/ James L. Ferraro Jr. | Florida Mesothelioma Attorney - James L. Ferraro, Jr. is a Florida mesothelioma attorney at The Ferraro Law Firm with experience in complex civil litigation and toxic torts.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/gabriel-s-saade/ Gabriel S. Saade | Florida Asbestos Attorney - Gabriel S. Saade handles mesothelioma and asbestos litigation at The Ferraro Law Firm He is a knowledgeable and aggressive Florida lawyer.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/jose-l-becerra/ Jose L. Becerra | Mesothelioma Lawyer in Florida - A mesothelioma and asbestos litigation attorney in Florida, Jose L. Becerra has a record of experience and serves a valuable role at The Ferraro Law Firm
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/michael-d-dunlavy/ Michael D. Dunlavy - Michael D. Dunlavy is an accomplished Florida mesothelioma litigation attorney at The Ferraro Law Firm with a passion for advocating on behalf of injury victims.
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/paulo-r-lima/ Paulo R. Lima | Florida Asbestos Attorney - Paulo R. Lima has years of experience in representing clients. He focuses on appellate work. Learn more about this Florida litigation lawyer today!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/attorney-profiles/lora-damiani/ Lora Damiani | Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami, FL - Lora Damiani is a personal injury lawyer at The Ferraro Law Firm in Florida. A former critical care nurse, she has focused her career on tobacco litigation.
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  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/mesothelioma-asbestos/ Florida Mesothelioma Attorney | Miami Asbestos Lawyer - Retain a winning Florida asbestos lawyer from The Ferraro Law Firm in Miami to win your mesothelioma case. We've been fighting for victims' for over 30 years!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/other-asbestos-related-diseases/ Asbestos-Related Diseases | Florida Asbestos Attorney - Our Florida asbestos attorneys aggressively fight for clients suffering asbestos-related disease. Billions won in 30+ years. Call today for a free case evaluation!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/environmental-toxic-torts/ Florida Environmental Toxic Torts Attorney | Toxic Torts - Injured by manufacturer-released toxins? Talk to our Florida environmental toxic tort lawyers. Over $1 billion recovered for our clients since 1985!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/defective-drugs/ Florida Dangerous Drug Lawyer | Miami Defective Drug Attorney - Fight for just compensation with a Florida dangerous drug attorney from The Ferraro Law Firm. We take on major pharmaceutical companies. $1 billion won in 30+ years!
  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/catastrophic-personal-injury/ Florida Catastrophic Injury Lawyer | Miami Injury Lawyer - Suffering from a wrongful death, brain, spinal, or burn injury? Talk to a Florida catastrophic personal injury lawyer. Billions won since 1985!
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  • http://www.ferrarolaw.com/qui-tam-whistleblower/ Florida Qui Tam Lawyer | Florida Whistleblower Attorney - Qui tam cases require two things: courage and a good lawyer. Let the Florida whistle blower attorneys at The Ferraro Law Firm do our part! Billions recovered.

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