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  • The Other Me Again - Worth It For Me

    This thing has relieved the pain of my severe nighttime leg cramps, stopped the intense shock-like neuropathic nerve spasms in my feet, released the limited mobility and pain of a "tennis elbow", and even helped to heal a badly infected maxillary sinus.

  • Hagatha - Great Product - Terrible Support

    Program is great - support sucks, and you will need to use support. There is absolutely NO RESPONSE to requests for help. Looking at the site, people have waited for months. They use "LiveAgent", but apparently they don't respond to anything. Have used this product for 10+ years, up through the 2015 version, but it's like they fell off the planet or something.

  • Fred & Becca Allen - Fits, but no hole for the antenna

    This fit our 1999 mustang GT perfectly. The only thing that could have been better is that there is no spot for the antenna. Otherwise, it is working great and seems to be made of a very high quality material. It even came in its own bag, made of the same material. Overall, I would recommend this product, it fits very well. Seems very durable. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Robert Anderson - Crashes more than Evel Knievel

    Used Netobjects back in the day. Way back in the 5.0,6.0 day. This software WAS truly the best WYSIWYG web builder for WYSIWYGers.

  • Barbara B. - Best SAT prep book. Period.

    Gruber's is by far the best SAT prep book around. I am a mathematics tutor (K through Calculus, 25+ years), and this is the only SAT prep book I recommend to my SAT prep students. As well to as my own children, when they are preparing for the SAT!