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CONFEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE FAMILIAS DE PERSONAS SORDAS - FIAPAS surge en 1978 para dar respuesta a las necesidades que se plantean a las familias de las personas con discapacidad auditiva y a los propios afectados.

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  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT buy this game...buy EA Sports Active

    I am soooooooooooo disappointed in this game. I am a true fan of Jillian Michaels, but this game is a true disappointment. Not only is it boring, but the activities are limited, personalizaton of the game is difficult and the game is void of a true interactive experience--all she ever tells you is that your activities are "awesome." If you are in need of good workout, purchase EA Sports Active...it's good, interactive and easy to navigate.

  • PRETTYNPINK101 - Worked for us ☺

    It worked and still is working for my 8 month 16lbs baby. She's breastfed and has a lactose intolerance do any trace of milk will bother her. It seemed to stop her up terribly some times for 10 days. I got tierd of suppositories things I knew wasn't natural. After 2 days and a couple ounces of apple prune juice she now going regular at least twice a day

  • C. Mills - I tested it... And then it leaked

    Received yesterday, tested it an took to the waterpark this morning. Within 2 hours there was water inside. Not a ton but enough that I won't be using this again. It might work for one day if you are lucky, as long as you don't purposely put it in water. I did have fun taking a few pictures. Phone will not be going back in waterpark with this case. It did fit the 6+ perfectly. Definitely not the daily waterpark solution I was looking for.

  • Swan Girl - East to use, reliably accurate

    I plug my phone in the dock and voila! It couldn't be easier. I checked the accuracy at the health fair and it is very close, often right on. I keep the unit attached to my USB port and it's always ready to use.

  • J. E. Graham - The healthcare industry is based around profits.

    His explanation in this book helped answer many of my questions. He has found out what kills us and what we can do to help prevent it. Great book!

  • Richard J. Klick - which I absolutely love.

    I only had this sewing machine for a few months when it was knocked 'Out of Timing' . I took it to a repair shop and was told there is a 'Design Flaw' in these machines. Was also told it could be repaired but it would keep being knocked 'Out of Timing' due to the 'Design Flaw'.